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Women's and Gender Studies, Minor

Offered in: CHICAGO

The Women's and Gender Studies minor provides an opportunity to explore multiple perspectives on historical and contemporary issues concerning women, gender, and sexuality. Courses use feminist frameworks to analyze gender and sexuality in relation to race, ethnicity, class, nationality, ability, and other factors that shape experiences, identities, and cultures. Courses also examine social institutions and networks of power while considering avenues of resistance, justice, and transformation.

The WGS minor complements a variety of majors and provides a valuable foundation for pursuing work in education, journalism, business, public affairs, the arts, the humanities, and the social sciences.


Students undertaking or considering a minor in WGS should contact the director of the WGS Program to discuss their course of study.


Six courses (18 hours) are required for the minor. Three core courses in WGS familiarize students with key concepts in the field and introduce them to a range of feminist perspectives: WGS 110, WGS 211 or WGS 212, and WGS 3xx. Three electives may be fulfilled with WGS core courses or cross-listed offerings. At least two courses, one at the 300 level, must be completed at Roosevelt University. All courses counting toward the WGS minor must be passed with a C- or higher.

Note: 300-level WGS core courses rotate specific topics and titles under the course numbers and categories listed below. Students may repeat course numbers with different topics and titles and apply them toward completion of the minor. Specific titles and topics are listed in the course schedule for each semester and on the WGS website.

Core courses

  WGS 110 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies .....3
  WGS 211 Feminist Theory .....3
  WGS 212 Feminism in Action .....3
  WGS 303 Global Frameworks .....3
  WGS 304 Sites of Identity, Knowledge and Power .....3
  WGS 305 Culture and Representation .....3
  WGS 306 Action, Advocacy and Resistance .....3
  WGS 307 Historical Perspectives .....3
  WGS 308 Advanced Seminar in Feminist Theories .....3
  WGS 399 WGS Internship .....3

Recent cross-listed electives

  AFS 317 The African American Woman .....3
  ART 304 Feminist Theories of Art .....3
  ART 374 Women in Art .....3
  ECON 213 Sex, Trade and Globalization .....3
  ECON 308 Women and the Economy .....3
  ENG 115 Black Women in Literature and Film .....3
  ENG 315 Contemporary Irish Women's Writing and the Politics of Gender .....3
  ENG 319 Staging Witchcraft Plays .....3
  ENG 327 Studies in 19th-Century Women's Fiction, Poetry or Drama .....3
  ENG 339 Sexuality and Literature .....3
  HIST 327 Working Men and Working Women .....3
  HIST 341 Women in the Russian Revolution .....3
  HIST 342 Global Perspectives on Race, Gender and Social Change .....3
  HIST 383 History and Politics of Women in the US .....3
  POS 312 The Politics of Lesbian and Gay Communities in the US .....3
  POS 327 Sexuality, Gender and International Human Rights .....3
  POS 341 Gender, Law and Politics .....3
  PSYC 108 Human Sexuality .....3
  PSYC 345 Psychology of Women .....3
  PSYC 386 Eating Disorders .....3
  SOC 340 Gender and Society .....3
  SOC 343 Gender Based Violence .....3
  SOC 354 Gender, Power and the Body .....3