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Social Justice Studies, BA

Offered in: CHICAGO

Students majoring in social justice studies complete 11 courses (33 semester hours) related to social justice in a variety of disciplines. The capstone experience is either an internship in an organization with a social justice mission or a senior thesis. The final 30 semester hours of the degree must be taken at Roosevelt.

To ensure the interdisciplinary character of the major, students will be limited to two electives from any one department. The student and the advisor will collaborate in selection of electives.

In choosing electives:

  • No more than two electives can come from any single discipline.
  • Three electives must be thematically related.
  • One elective must be a transformational learning course.
  • Three electives must be at the 300 level.
  • No 100-level electives will be accepted.

The Social Justice Studies advisory committee will designate elective courses each semester.


Students completing a Social Justice minor are encouraged to take Econ 101, SOC 101 and POS 101 for their social science distribution courses; these are prerequisites for many of the required courses in the minor.

  SOCJ 201 Introduction to Social Justice Studies .....3
  SOCJ 208 Introduction to Working Class Studies .....3
  SOCJ 214 Economics of Globalization .....3
  SOCJ 326 Theories of Justice .....3
  SOCJ 398 Internship .....3
Course in Social Movements: POS 367 (3 credit hours)
Research methods (qualitative or quantitative). Students interested in quantitative are encouraged to take Math 217/Econ 234 (3 credit hours) and Economics 338 (3 credit hours)