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Secondary Teacher Education, Minor

Offered in: CHICAGO

Grade 6 through grade 12

The Secondary Teacher Education minor is designed for undergraduates who wish to become secondary teachers in history, chemistry, biology, English, and mathematics. Students earn a minor in Secondary Education as a complement to their major in the College of Arts of Sciences. Students who successfully complete the minor earn a State of Illinois teaching license with an endorsement in their chosen subject area (biology, chemistry, English, history, or math). Other endorsements may be earned, in consultation with a professional advisor in the College of Education.


Students are formally admitted to the teacher preparation program when they earn a passing score on the Illinois Test of Academic Proficiency, have a minimum 2.7 GPA in all undergraduate courses, and have demonstrated professional dispositions.


Because specific courses in the academic major are required for licensure, students must consult with an education advisor to ensure that their plans for academic study in their major are correct and in fulfillment of all licensure requirements. All declared or prospective minors should contact an education advisor in their first year of study at Roosevelt University.

Because requirements for teacher licensure are subject to change, undergraduates must consult frequently with both their education and academic major advisors. The advising plan developed by the education advisor provides the most up-to-date and authoritative information with respect to all program and licensure requirements.


Students may take general education requirements, courses in the academic major, and the following four education courses without having earned admission to the program.

EDUC 210 Child Development for Educators: Infancy Through Adolescence -OR- (see PSYC 215)(3 semester hours)
EDUC 291 Issues in Metropolitan Education (3 semester hours)
READ 339 Young Adult Literature (required only of English majors)(3 semester hours)
SPED 319 Exceptional Children and Youth (3 semester hours)

In order to enroll in the remainder of the Secondary Teacher Education minor, students must have earned admission to the teacher preparation program. A passing score on the Test of Academic Proficiency is required to register for these courses.

  READ 363 Teaching Language and Literacy Across Content Areas .....3
  SEED 301 Seminar in Secondary Education .....3
  SEED 350 Field Experience in Secondary Education .....4
  SEED 360 Student Teaching and Seminar in the Secondary School .....12

One course in methods of teaching in major fields

  SEED 322 Methods of Teaching Secondary Science .....3
  SEED 323 Methods of Teaching Middle School and Secondary Mathematics .....3
  SEED 326 Methods of Teaching Secondary Social Studies .....3
  SEED 327 Methods of Teaching Secondary English .....3

Field and clinical experiences
Field experiences in secondary education involve urban and suburban placements and must include culturally diverse learners. Experiences take place in middle school and high school settings, and involve teacher candidates in individual, small group, and whole class instruction, observation, and participation in community based activities. A minimum of 100 hours of field experiences is required prior to student teaching.

Placement in student teaching is planned with consideration for each student’s needs and interests. A College of Education faculty member as well as a resident, experienced teacher supervises each student. Formal application is required approximately two semesters in advance of student teaching. To earn admission to student teaching, a student must have passed the Illinois Test of Academic Proficiency and the appropriate Content Test. In addition, all students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.7 in their undergraduate courses, and a 3.0 GPA respectively in their academic major and secondary education minor (with the exception of Math and Science, where a 2.7 minimum GPA is acceptable in the academic major). All general education, academic major, and secondary education minor course requirements must be completed with grades of C or higher (C- grades are unacceptable). The edTPA test should be taken during student teaching. This test is required for licensure. No other course may be taken, nor may a student be employed, during student teaching.

Licensure requirements
In order to qualify for Roosevelt University’s recommendation for the Illinois teaching license, students must meet all general education requirements developed jointly by the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Business and the College of Education faculty. Please consult as soon as possible with an education advisor in the College of Education about these requirements. In general, they are the same as the general education requirements for other students in the College of Arts and Sciences; however, specific courses may be required in order to earn an endorsement in the area of specialization (e.g., English, history, math, biology, chemistry and business).