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Psychology, BA


An undergraduate major or minor in psychology provides students with an excellent background for careers that involve working with people. Psychology graduates find work in business, sales, counseling, education, and health care. The BA is also essential preparation for those considering Master's or doctoral work in psychology, and similarly provides an excellent foundation for graduate work in counseling and social work.

Courses offered by our department address a wide variety of fields within the discipline. These classes focus on both research in psychology and the many ways in which psychological knowledge can help people, groups, and society. There are also opportunities to specialize within the major and to complete undergraduate concentrations as part of the degree program. The major can be completed at either Chicago or Schaumburg, day or evening.


A grade of C- is the minimal acceptable grade for a course to be applied to the major or minor. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 is required for all courses in the major and the minor.


To earn a BA in psychology, students must complete 36 semester hours in psychology. PSYC 103 must be taken as soon as the major is declared. PSYC 200 and PSYC 285 should be completed within the first two to three semesters of declaring the major.

Students need to complete 21 semester hours at Roosevelt University, including 9 semester hours at the 300 level at this university. The final 30 semester hours of the degree must be taken at Roosevelt. In addition, a total of 12 semester hours within the major must be at the 300 level. Psychology majors resuming their major after an interruption of two or more years must follow the psychology requirements in effect at the time students resume their studies.

Area 1: Biological/Cognitive/Learning Psychology (select one course from this list)
  PSYC 306 Evolution of Behavior .....3
  PSYC 310 Behavioral Neuroscience .....3
  PSYC 316 Learning .....3
  PSYC 325 Sensation and Perception .....3
  PSYC 326 Cognitive Processes .....3
  PSYC 336 Brain and Behavior .....3
  PSYC 350 Human Neuropsychology .....3
Area 2: Social/Diversity Psychology (select one course from this list)
  PSYC 211 Psychological Study of Racism .....3
  PSYC 220 Social Psychology .....3
  PSYC 312 Understanding Diversity .....3
  PSYC 345 Psychology of Women .....3
  PSYC 366 Poverty and the Individual .....3
Area 3: Human Development/Individual Differences (select one course from this list)
  PSYC 243 Theories of Personality .....3
  PSYC 254 Childhood and Adolescence .....3
  PSYC 339 Adult Development .....3
  PSYC 341 Psychology of Aging .....3
  PSYC 381 Children and Families .....3
Area 4: Applied/Clinical Psychology (select one course from this list)
  PSYC 201 Abnormal Psychology .....3
  PSYC 215 Developmental and Learning Disabilities .....3
  PSYC 270 Psychological Tests .....3
  PSYC 319 Child and Adolescent Psychopathology .....3
  PSYC 344 Industrial/Organizational Psychology .....3
  PSYC 347 Health Psychology .....3
  PSYC 351 Law and Psychology .....3
  PSYC 373 Relaxation and Mindfulness .....3
Psychology electives
  Five courses in Psychology .....