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Legal Studies, BA/JD, BS/JD

Offered in: CHICAGO

Roosevelt University and The John Marshall Law School will cooperate in offering combined credit programs leading to the degrees of Juris Doctor and the baccalaureate degree (BA or BS). Under these programs, successful completion of the first 29 credit hours at John Marshall Law School may be credited toward the completion of the baccalaureate degree at Roosevelt.

Please note: Legal Studies is not a Roosevelt University major; a major must be chosen from among those offered by the College of Arts and Sciences, and its requirements completed as part of the 91 or more credit hours required to begin at John Marshall.


Students must be admitted separately to each institution. They may begin their courses at John Marshall after completing 91 or more credit hours at Roosevelt, after successful completion of the required courses, and after successful application to the law school program, reflecting the qualifications needed for admission as established by The John Marshall Law School Admission Office.


At least 61 credit hours must be taken at Roosevelt University, with no more than 30 credit hours transferred from another undergraduate institution. The final 30 hours must be taken at Roosevelt.

All university core requirements (including distribution and other general education requirements) must be completed as part of the 91 or more credit hours.

Students must complete the Legal Studies minor as part of the 91 or more credit hours. Courses for this include:

Courses in legal ideas
  POS 329 Philosophy of Law .....3
  POS 374 U.S. Constitutional Law .....3
  POS 375 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties .....3
Courses in legal skills
  BCOM 301 Business Communications OR (see PHIL 209) .....3
  PHIL 209 Critical Thinking OR (see BCOM 301) .....3
  PHIL 210 Logic .....3
  WRTG 160 The Art of Persuasion .....3
In addition, it is preferred that students will have completed HIST 106 and/or HIST 107 and ECON 101.

Upon completion of 91 or more credit hours, students must have achieved a minimum GPA and LSAT score as determined by John Marshall and made available from the Office of Admission.

Once students have completed the above requirements and are admitted to John Marshall, the first 29 credit hours successfully completed there will be cross-credited by Roosevelt and applied toward the completion of the bachelor’s degree.

If a student is dropped for academic reasons from John Marshall after the first or second semester of law school, Roosevelt will determine which credits will be counted towards the bachelor’s degree.

Roosevelt will determine whether to award credit to a student receiving a grade of “D” or lower at John Marshall.

Admission to The John Marshall Law School is not guaranteed for students in this program, but it does allow participating Roosevelt students to apply for the JD program a year sooner than other students and thus makes it possible for them to eliminate a year from the time it ordinarily takes to complete both degrees.