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Hospitality and Tourism Management, BSHTM

Offered in: CHICAGO

No better place exists to learn the Hospitality and Tourism Management industry than the Chicago metropolitan area with its wealth of world-class hotels and restaurants as well as its rich blend of ethnic cultures and cuisines, arts and entertainment, sports and recreation. With offices overlooking several of Chicago's major tourism destinations the Manfred Steinfeld School of Hospitality and Tourism Management offers undergraduate and graduate programs preparing students for management and leadership careers in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Roosevelt's Hospitality program prepares students in four main areas of emphasis: lodging management; food and beverage management; meeting, events, convention, and exhibition management; and sports management. Other subject areas include tourism administration, casino, and club management.

The hospitality industry is a major employer in the Chicago area and throughout the world. Excellent careers are available for those with academic training, work experience, and technology skills, all of which are developed in Roosevelt University's programs. A Roosevelt degree in hospitality and tourism management provides students with a valuable employment and career advantage.

Faculty members are committed to students and their professional growth as they integrate classroom study with the lively metropolitan workplace. Program participants may gain experience through professional partnerships with leading hotels, restaurants, meeting and convention facilities, associations, tourism offices, airline carriers, and others. Manfred Steinfeld is the generous benefactor of Roosevelt University's School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management (BSHTM)

The BSHTM is a 120-semester hour undergraduate degree program designed for students of any age who want to pursue a career in hospitality. The program requires successful completion of 54 semester hours of study in hospitality management courses; the University’s general education course requirements in humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences; and 30 semester hours of elective courses.

All Hospitality majors are advised by the department and can develop close, mentoring relationships with our faculty from their first semester at Roosevelt.

Traditional-aged freshmen enroll in Hospitality major courses from the first semester so there is no delay in developing a connection to the major field, area of focus, and chosen career path.

Transfer students
The BSHTM degree allows for transfer credits from community college Hospitality programs as well as transfer from other programs and majors. Except for HOSM 290, which must be completed at Roosevelt University, 200-level background hospitality courses may be completed either at Roosevelt or through acceptable transfer work from an approved community college.

  Courses required for the BSHTM Degree .....
  HOSM 200 Financial Accounting for the Hospitality Industry -OR- ACCT 210 Principles of Accounting I .....3
  HOSM 201 Introduction to the Hospitality and Tourism Industry .....3
  HOSM 210 Front Office Management -OR- (see HOSM 231) .....3
  HOSM 230 Food and Beverage Management .....3
  HOSM 231 Introduction to Meeting and Event Management -OR- (see HOSM 210) .....3
  HOSM 275 Hospitality Law -OR- BLAW 210 Business Law I .....3
  HOSM 290 Hospitality Methods and Research .....3
  HOSM 300 Managerial Accounting for the Hospitality Industry .....3
  HOSM 311 Organizational Development for Hospitality .....3
  HOSM 350 Advanced Marketing for the Hospitality Industry .....3
  HOSM 399 Hospitality Senior Project .....3


  Eight 300-level HOSM electives required: recommend one concentration from list below. .....24
  Meetings students may include the meetings credential (see separate listing). .....

General education requirements for the BSHTM

  Mathematics proficiency equivalent to MATH 095 by course completion or Roosevelt placement. .....
  Three courses in Humanities .....9
  Three courses in Natural Sciences .....9
  Three courses in Social Sciences .....9
  CST 100 Essential PC Skills or proficiency credit .....3
Minimum acceptable grades for ENG 101 and 102 is C-.
  ENG 101 Composition I: Critical Reading and Writing .....3
  ENG 102 Composition II: Introduction to Academic Research .....3

Other requirements for the BSHTM degree

200-level courses: At least 60 semester hours must be completed in courses at the 200 level or above.

300-level courses: A minimum of 15 semester hours of 300-level hospitality management course work must be completed at Roosevelt University.

Minimum grades in the Major sequence: The core courses, HOSM 300, 311, 350, and 399, must be passed with grades of C or higher. Two D grades are allowed in the remainder of the major sequence.

Minimum acceptable grade point average of classes taken at Roosevelt University is 2.0.

Completion of the University Writing Requirement is based on the Roosevelt University Assessment placement test.

Credit for prior learning or xxperiential learning

Students in the BSHTM may apply for assessment of life experience and for the concomitant academic credit within the hospitality and tourism management program. Before credit for prior or experiential learning is officially awarded, students must complete 12 semester hours at Roosevelt University. The total number of credits awarded through portfolio assessment is limited.

Request further information
To receive further information about the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality & Tourism Management, please contact Donna DeMille,, assistant director, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Hotel/Lodging Management Concentration


Nine (9) Semester hours, the following three courses; plus, prerequisite HOSM 210 Front Office Management. No transfer credit allowed. Minimum grade of C in all classes to qualify. No waivers or substitutions.

  HOSM 302 Hotel Operations .....3
  HOSM 303 Hotel Development & Opening .....3
  HOSM 304 Facilities Management & Engineering .....3

Meeting and Event Management Concentration


Nine (9) semester hours; plus, prerequisite HOSM 231 Introduction to Meeting, Convention and Exhibition Management. No transfer credit allowed. Minimum grade of C in all classes to qualify. No waivers or substitutions.

  HOSM 315 Applications and Techniques of meeting and Convention Management .....3
  HOSM 317 Issues and Trends in Meetings and Convention Management .....3

Plus one from the following:

  HOSM 319 Events Sales and Service .....3
  HOSM 323 Exhibition Management .....3
  HOSM 324 Special Events Management .....3

Restaurant/Food Service Management Concentration


Nine (9) semester hours. Three courses chosen from the following four (4) courses; plus, prerequisite HOSM 230 Food and Beverage Management. No transfer credit allowed. Minimum grade of C in all classes to qualify. No waivers or substitutions.

  HOSM 330 Food & Beverage Controls .....3
  HOSM 333 Purchasing for the Hospitality Industry .....3
  HOSM 335 Restaurant/Foodservice Management .....3
  HOSM 337 Wine, Liquor and Beverage Management (Must be 21 yo to enroll.) .....3

Sports Hospitality Concentration

The courses comprising the Sports Hospitality Concentration have been developed in response to the needs of sports organizations for trained personnel to assist in fan services and marketing. Hospitality students have the customer service orientation that equips them to work with the myriad fan-oriented activities undertaken by organized sports.


Nine semester hours required; see list below.

  HOSM 351 Introduction to Sports as Business Enterprise .....3
  HOSM 353 Sports Marketing .....3
  HOSM 359 Sports Hospitality: Fan Relations .....3

Tourism Administration Concentration


Nine (9) semester hours. Three courses chosen from the following four (4) courses; plus, prerequisite HOSM 201 Introduction to the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. No transfer credit allowed. Minimum grade of C in all classes to qualify. No waivers or substitutions.

  HOSM 325 International Tourism .....3
  HOSM 326 Urban Tourism Administration .....3
  HOSM 327 Tourism and the Hospitality Industry .....3
  HOSM 328 Destination Marketing .....3