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English Language Program

Offered in: CHICAGO

The English Language Program (ELP) is not a full bachelor's degree program. ELP instead provides a carefully planned series of courses designed to prepare and support non-native speakers of English for study at Roosevelt University. ELP offers courses in speaking, listening, grammar, reading, and writing at three levels:

  • Beginning level provides intensive practice in basic English skills at an elementary level for students who have little or no knowledge of English.
  • Intermediate level improves and extends control of the language for students who have some functional ability in basic English.
  • Advanced level enables students whose ability to speak, read, and write English is fairly good, but not adequate for a program of academic study without English language support, to participate successfully in most degree program courses.

For additional writing practice, degree-seeking students must enroll in a more advanced, transition-level writing class: ELP 110 (undergraduate) or ELP 111 (graduate). Roosevelt University’s English Language Proficiency Test determines student placement within the program.

No degree credit is granted for ELP courses at the 80 or 90 levels. Courses at the 106 level or above carry credit toward undergraduate degrees. No ELP courses carry credit toward graduate degrees.


Practice in speaking and understanding English in both social and academic settings with emphasis on effective communication strategies, listening comprehension, pronunciation, and overall fluency:
  ELP 086 Speaking and Listening: Level 1 .....
  ELP 096 Speaking and Listening: Level 2 .....
  ELP 106 Speaking and Listening: Level 3 .....3


Written and oral practice in grammatical structures of American English primarily for academic but also for social purposes:
  ELP 087 Grammar: Level 1 .....
  ELP 097 Grammar: Level 2 .....
  ELP 107 Grammar: Level 3 .....3


Practice in college-level reading skills and vocabulary development, including training in using the library and doing research:
  ELP 088 Reading: Level 1 .....
  ELP 098 Reading: Level 2 .....
  ELP 108 Reading: Level 3 .....3


Development of composition skills in American English with emphasis on effective expression of ideas for academic purposes:
  ELP 089 Writing: Level 1 .....
  ELP 099 Writing: Level 2 .....
  ELP 109 Writing: Level 3 .....3
  ELP 110 Composition: Bridge Level .....3
  ELP 111 Composition: Bridge Level .....3