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English, Minor

Offered in: CHICAGO


This reduced course sequence (six courses) includes two courses from the British and American survey sequence (ENG 210, 211, 212, 213), both of the analytical interpretation courses (ENG 220 and 221), and two electives at the 300-level. Students should choose 300-level courses based on the foundation they have established in the surveys they have chosen.

Students must maintain a 2.5 GPA in the minor, and must earn grades of C- or higher in all coursework taken for the minor.

  ENG 210 British Literature to 1789 -OR- (see ENG 211) .....3
  ENG 211 British Literature 1789 to Present -OR- (see ENG 210) .....3
  ENG 212 American Literature to 1865 -OR- (see ENG 213) .....3
  ENG 213 American Literature 1865 to Present -OR- (see ENG 212) .....3
  ENG 220 Introduction to Literary Analysis .....3
  ENG 221 Texts and Contexts .....3


  Two 300-level English electives .....6


  Total Credit Hours .....18