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Elementary Education


Kindergarten through Grade 9

The purpose of the elementary teacher education program is to prepare capable, dedicated, and concerned teachers who are committed to the intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth of all children. Students are encouraged to develop communication skills, content knowledge, observational skills, and sound teaching practices that they can apply to their work with diverse learners. Over the duration of the program, students develop a sense of themselves as professional educators who can act as change agents in their schools. Students who successfully complete the program earn a State of Illinois Type 03 teaching certificate. Other endorsements and approvals may be earned, in consultation with a professional advisor in the College of Education.


Students are formally admitted to the Type 03 teacher preparation program when they earn a passing score on the Illinois Basic Skills Test or the Test of Academic Proficiency and have a minimum 2.7 GPA in all undergraduate courses. Students may take general education requirements, academic concentration courses, and the following six education courses without having earned admission to the program.

EDUC 200 American Education (3 semester hours)
EDUC 210 Child Development for Educators: Infancy Through Adolescence (3 semester hours)
EDUC 303 Health for Educators (3 semester hours)
EDUC 321 Creative Arts in Education (3 semester hours)
EDUC 385 Technology in the Classroom (3 semester hours)
SPED 319 Exceptional Children and Youth (3 semester hours)

In order to enroll in the remainder of the academic major, students must have earned admission to the teacher preparation program. Also, EDUC 200, 210, and ELED 261 must be passed with grades of B- or better as prerequisites for all other education courses.

  ELED 261 Field Experience and Seminar in Elementary Education .....3
  ELED 321 Methods of Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School .....6
  ELED 325 Teaching Science in the Elementary School .....3
  ELED 327 Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary School .....3
  ELED 361 Pre-student Teaching Field Experience .....3
  ELED 366 Student Teaching and Seminar in the Elementary School .....6
  READ 320 Teaching Reading in the Elementary School .....6
  READ 323 Teaching Language Arts and Children’s Literature in the Elementary School .....3

Field and Clinical Experiences

Field experiences involve urban and suburban placements and must include culturally diverse learners. A minimum of 100 hours of field experiences is required prior to student teaching.

Placement in student teaching is planned with consideration for each student’s needs and interests. A College of Education faculty member as well as a resident, experienced teacher supervises each student. Formal application is required approximately two semesters in advance of student teaching. To earn admission to student teaching, a student must have passed the Illinois Basic Skills Test or Test of Academic Proficiency and the Elementary/Middle Grades Content Test. In addition, all students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.7 in their undergraduate courses, and a 3.0 GPA respectively in their academic concentration and academic major. All general education, academic concentration, and academic major course requirements must be completed with grades of C or higher (C- grades are unacceptable). An APT test should be taken during student teaching. This test is required for certification. No other course may be taken, nor may a student be employed, during student teaching.

Certification Requirements

In order to qualify for Roosevelt University’s recommendation for the elementary teaching certificate (Type 03), students must meet all general education and academic concentration requirements that are in effect at the time of their application for the certificate. The academic concentration in elementary education consists of 18 hours of course work in one discipline, approved by an advisor. Nine semester hours in the area of concentration must be taken at the 300 level. The 18 semester hours in the area of concentration may not be used to meet general education requirements. All academic concentration courses require a grade of C or higher, and an overall GPA of 3.0 is required.

Before issuing a certificate, the Illinois State Board of Education also requires satisfactory scores on the ICTS Basic Skills Test or Test of Academic Proficiency, the Elementary/Middle Grades Content Test, and the Assessment of Professional Teaching Grades K – 9 (APT).

Students must consult with their education advisor to determine which general education courses are acceptable toward fulfillment of certification requirements. Because requirements for certification, graduation, and continuing enrollment are subject to change, undergraduates must consult frequently with their education advisors. The advising plan developed at program admission provides the most up-to-date and authoritative information with respect to all program and certification requirements.

Communication Skills

  Written Communication .....6


  Must include American History .....
  Total Required Humanities .....9


  Math 105 and Math 110 or higher .....6

Non-Western/Third World/Multicultural

  Asia, African, Central/South America or Native American or their descendants in U.S. .....
  May also be counted in humanities or social science .....
  Total Required .....3

RU Mission-Related Courses

  ACP 101, 110 and 250 .....9
  LIBS 201 .....3
  Total Required in Mission-Related Courses .....12


  Must include biological and physical science, including at least one lab. .....7

Social Sciences

  Must include American government .....
  Total Required Social Sciences .....9


  Total general education hours .....46-52