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Criminal Justice, BACJ


The Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice (BACJ) gives students the tools they need to become leaders in making our systems of social control more socially just. Across the globe, criminal justice systems are becoming more complex, and the need for thoughtful, serious leaders in the field is increasing. Roosevelt’s Criminal Justice program examines how to balance social control with individual rights. It compares the ideals of law with the realities of the streets and it studies the causes of criminal behavior and what makes effective crime policy. Students engage questions about how to control, deter, and punish crime, and they develop a comprehensive understanding of the role of police, prosecutors, courts, defense attorneys, juries, jails, and prisons in creating our modern criminal justice system.


The major is divided into three components: a lower division 15-hour core that serves as a basis for the fundamentals of criminal justice and is consistent with Illinois Articulation Initiative (AIA) guidelines; an upper division 18-hour core requirement; and a six-hour criminal justice elective component. The major includes a capstone course designed to identify and analyze “real-life” issues facing criminal justice agencies, as well as techniques for developing and proposing solutions to constituents.

Grade of C- or higher required in all major courses.

Core Requirements - Lower Division (Meets IAI Guidelines)

  CJL 200 Introduction to Criminal Justice (IAI – CRJ 901) .....3
  CJL 220 Juvenile Justice (IAI – CRJ 914) .....3
  CJL 230 Introduction to Corrections (IAI – CRJ 911) .....3
  CJL 240 Introduction to Criminology (IAI – CRJ 912) .....3
  CJL 250 Criminal Law (IAI – CRJ 913) .....3
  Total required lower division credit hours: .....15

Core Requirements - Upper Division

  CJL 300 Police and Society .....3
  CJL 305 Research Methods .....3
  CJL 310 Ethics & Diversity in Criminal Justice .....3
  CJL 330 Criminal Justice & the Constitution .....3
  CJL 355 Crime in America .....3
  CJL 390 Senior Seminar .....3
  Total required upper divison credit hours: .....18


Choose two courses
  CJL 360 Community-Based Corrections .....3
  CJL 365 White-Collar Crime .....3
  CJL 381 Death Penalty in America .....3
  CJL 382 Criminal Investigation .....3
  CJL 383 Technology in Criminal Justice .....3
  CJL 384 Profiling .....3
  CJL 389 Topics in Criminal Justice .....3
  Total required elective credit hours: .....6

Other Requirements

  ACP 101 ACP 101 for students with less than 15 credits in transfer .....3
  ACP 110 Primary Texts .....3
  ACP 250 Grounds for Change .....3
Functional Area
  Related courses in a discipline or interdisciplinary area selected in consultation with an advisor .....18
General Education
  Three courses in Humanities .....9
  Three courses in Natural Sciences .....9
  Three courses in Social Sciences .....9
General Electives
  Additional courses must be selected from any area to complete the 120 hour degree requirement. .....
  Proficiency equivalent to MATH 095 by course completion or Roosevelt placement. .....
  MATH 110 Quantitative Literacy .....3
University Writing Requirement
  Roosevelt University Assessment Placement Test .....
  ENG 101 Composition I: Critical Reading and Writing .....3
  ENG 102 Composition II: Introduction to Academic Research .....3