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Criminal Justice, BPS


The Bachelor of Professional Studies in Criminal Justice provides a broad background in criminal justice and justice-related areas. Students explore topics ranging from juvenile delinquency, criminology, organized crime, criminal behavior, security and fraud, and anti-terrorism. This major may be completed fully online through RU Online.

The College of Professional Studies also offers a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice.


Students entering the program in Fall 2013 or later must take PLS 290 before taking CJL305.


Grade of C- or higher required in all major courses.

  CJL 200 Introduction to Criminal Justice (IAI - CRJ 901) .....3
  CJL 220 Juvenile Justice (IAI – CRJ 914) .....3
  CJL 230 Introduction to Corrections (IAI – CRJ 911) .....3
  CJL 240 Introduction to Criminology (IAI – CRJ 912) .....3
  CJL 250 Criminal Law (IAI – CRJ 913) .....3
  CJL 300 Police and Society .....3
  CJL 305 Research Methods .....3
  CJL 310 Ethics & Diversity in Criminal Justice .....3
  CJL 330 Criminal Justice & the Constitution .....3
  CJL 355 Crime in America .....3
  CJL 390 Senior Seminar (PLS 399 may be used as a substitute) .....3
Functional Area or Minor
  Related courses in a discipline or interdisciplinary area selected in consultation with an advisor .....18

Core Curriculum

BPS degrees replace traditional general education courses and electives with an innovative Core Curriculum, consisting of interdisciplinary seminars and a Senior Thesis research project. These seminars, designed for adult students, reduce the time required to complete degree requirements. Courses in the BPS core are designated with the PLS prefix (Professional and Liberal Studies). The BPS Core Curriculum includes:

Introductory Seminars

  MATH 095 Developmental Mathematics .....
  MATH 110 Quantitative Reasoning or PLS 290 (see below) .....3
  PLS 201 Pro-Seminar in Critical Skills (for students with <60h of transfer credit) - OR PLS 302 (see below) .....6
  PLS 290 Seminar in Technological and Quantitative Literacy -OR- Math 110 Quantitative Reasoning .....3
  PLS 302 Methods of Critical Reasoning (for students with >60h transfer credit or AA/AS degree) .....3

Senior Seminars

  PLS 390 Seminar in the Social Sciences .....6
  PLS 391 Seminar in the Natural Sciences .....6
  PLS 392 Seminar in the Humanities .....6
  PLS 399 Senior Thesis .....3

University Writing Requirement

  Roosevelt University Assessment placement test to determine if additional courses are required .....
  ENG 101 Introduction to Composition .....3
  ENG 102 Argument, Analysis, Research .....3

Senior Seminars

* Students may waive one PLS Senior Seminar with nine semester hours of appropriate transferable credit with at least a 2.0 average in a single seminar area; students with 60 semester hours of transfer credit or an Associates’ Degree in Arts or Science may waive two Senior Seminars.

Other Requirements

  • Students must be 24 years of age when they start the program.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours at Roosevelt and maintain a 2.0 grade point average to graduate.
  • Students must successfully complete a minimum of nine semester hours at the 300 level in the major at Roosevelt.
  • Students must consult with an advisor every semester prior to registering to ensure that selected courses are appropriate for their specific BPS major.