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Communications, BPS

Offered in: CHICAGO

The Bachelor of Professional Studies in Communications prepares students for a wide variety of careers in business, government and non-profit sectors. Critical thinking, verbal, and written communication skills are some of the most sought after characteristics employers look for when hiring. Many careers do not require a specific major but rather a range of demonstrated skills and accomplishments, making this a suitable major for the student with interests in Journalism, Speech, and Business Communications.


A maximum of 12 semester hours may be completed in 100-level courses; at least 12 semester hours of Communication courses must be taken in residency at Roosevelt; at least 15 semester hours must be completed at the 300 level including nine semester hours in journalism or speech.

Grades of C- or better required in the Specialty Department; a maximum of 6 semester hours of D is allowed in other areas of the major.

  Five courses in Business Communications, English, Journalism, Speech or Organizational Leadership .....15
  Related courses in a discipline or interdisciplinary area selected in consultation with an advisor .....18
  Six courses in JOUR or SPCH (min 9 credits at the 300 level but no more than 1 course at 100 level) .....18
Functional Area or Minor
  Related courses in a discipline or interdisciplinary area selected in consultation with an advisor .....18

Core Curriculum

BPS degrees replace traditional general education courses and electives with an innovative Core Curriculum, consisting of interdisciplinary seminars and a Senior Thesis research project. These seminars, designed for adult students, reduce the time required to complete degree requirements. Courses in the BPS core are designated with the PLS prefix (Professional and Liberal Studies). The BPS Core Curriculum includes:

Introductory Seminars

  MATH 095 Developmental Mathematics .....
  MATH 110 Quantitative Reasoning or PLS 290 (see below) .....3
  PLS 201 Pro-Seminar in Critical Skills (for students with <60h of transfer credit) - OR PLS 302 (see below) .....6
  PLS 290 Seminar in Technological and Quantitative Literacy -OR- Math 110 Quantitative Reasoning .....3
  PLS 302 Methods of Critical Reasoning (for students with >60h transfer credit or AA/AS degree) .....3

Senior Seminars

  PLS 390 Seminar in the Social Sciences .....6
  PLS 391 Seminar in the Natural Sciences .....6
  PLS 392 Seminar in the Humanities .....6
  PLS 399 Senior Thesis .....3

University Writing Requirement

  Roosevelt University Assessment placement test to determine if additional courses are required .....
  ENG 101 Introduction to Composition .....3
  ENG 102 Argument, Analysis, Research .....3

Senior Seminars