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Actuarial Science, BA


The major sequence for the Bachelor of Arts degree is given below.


Advanced placement in mathematics is possible for well-prepared students.


All courses presented for the major and the minor(s) must be completed with grades of C- or higher. Repeated courses in the major or minor require specific approval of the department chair. The average grade for all courses taken in actuarial science and mathematics must be C- or higher. Note that although the major only requires a grade of C- or above for graduation, ECON 101, ECON 102, FIN 311, FIN 321, and ACSC 349 must be passed with a grade of B- or above in order to fulfill VEE requirements for the CAS (Casualty Actuarial Society) and the SOA (Society of Actuaries). Students with a grade of C+ or below in any of ECON 101, ECON 102, FIN 311, FIN 321, or ACSC 349 are strongly encouraged to retake the course in order to earn a grade of B- or above.


  • At least four courses in actuarial science must be completed at Roosevelt University.
  • The BA degree requires a minor in business.
  • Students completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Actuarial Science must take at least one professional exam prior to graduation.
  • All credit must be approved by the department to be applied toward the major.
  • Appropriate supporting courses in accounting, computer science, and economics are recommended.

  ACSC 300 Linear Algebra .....3
  ACSC 347 Probability and Statistics I .....3
  ACSC 348 Probability and Statistics II .....3
  ACSC 349 Regression and Time Series .....3
  ACSC 367 Financial Mathematics .....3
  ACSC 380 Actuarial Science Seminar .....3
  CST 150 Computer Science I .....4
  MATH 231 Calculus I .....4
  MATH 232 Calculus II .....4
  MATH 233 Calculus III .....3
Two additional courses from the following list:
  ACSC 330 Numerical Analysis .....3
  ACSC 332 Operations Research .....3
  ACSC 357 ANOVA and Experimental Design .....3
  ACSC 369 Actuarial Mathematics I .....3
  ACSC 376 Loss Models .....3
  ACSC 377 Survival Models .....3
  ACSC 378 Topics in Actuarial Mathematics .....3
  ACSC 380 Actuarial Science Seminar .....3

Business Minor Requirements

  ACCT 210 Introduction to Accounting I .....3
  ACCT 211 Introduction to Accounting II .....3
  ECON 101 Principles of Economics I .....3
  ECON 102 Principles of Economics II .....3
  FIN 311 Business Finance .....3
  FIN 321 Investments .....3
  FIN 387 Derivative Securities .....3