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Computer Science, BS

Offered in: CHICAGO

This Computer Science program follows the traditional curriculum, with its emphasis on mathematics and computing systems theory. It prepares students to pursue careers in highly technical areas such as systems programming and software engineering, or to go on to pursue graduate degrees in computer science.


The final 30 semester hours of the degree must be taken at Roosevelt University. At least 15 semester hours of credit in the computer science major must also be taken at Roosevelt. At most 60 semester hours may be taken at the 100 level. At least 63 semester hours must be in non-computing courses. A minor in mathematics is required.

Further requirements for the BS Degree:

  • at least 60 semester hours in the computer sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, and/or psychology;
  • a supporting sequence of 15 semester hours in one second science discipline (biology, chemistry, computer science, data analytics, mathematics, physical science, physics, or psychology), excluding Math 115 or lower; CST 115 or lower; PHSC 102 or lower

  CST 150 Computer Science I .....4
  CST 250 Computer Science II .....4
  CST 280 Introduction to Algorithms .....3
  CST 311 Analysis of Real World Networks .....3
  CST 317 Operating Systems .....3
  CST 333 Database Systems .....3
  CST 370 Software Engineering I .....3
  CST 372 Programming Languages .....3
  CST 3XX CST 337 Theory of Computation -OR- CST 338 Efficient Computing -OR- CST 387 Algorithm Design .....3


  Three 300+ level CST courses .....9

Project-based course

  CST 3XX CST 309, 312, 343, 365, 367 or 3XX Programming Course .....3

Required math courses

  MATH 217 Elementary Statistics .....3
  MATH 245 Discrete Structures .....3
  MATH 246 Linear Algebra .....3

General Education Requirements

Academic Communities of Practice

  ACP 101 First-Year Seminar (required for students who enter RU with fewer than 12 semester hours) .....3
  ACP 110 Primary Texts .....3
  ACP 250 Grounds for Change .....3

English Composition (minimum grade of C- required)

  ENG 101 Composition I: Critical Reading and Writing .....3
  ENG 102 Composition II: Introduction to Academic Research .....3


  Nine semester hours total required from these subject areas: African-American Studies, Art History, English (excluding 101 and 102), History, Languages, Music, Philosophy, Theatre, Speech and Women's and Gender Studies .....9


  MATH 110 Math 110 or above (Math, Computer Science & Technology, and Science majors have different requirements -- see advisor). .....3

Non-Western Requirement

  Non-Western course (can be used for Humanities or Social Sciences general education requirements) .....3

RU Mission-Related Course (minimum grade of C- required)

  LIBS 201 Writing Social Justice .....3


  One biological science and one physical science required; at least one must be a four-hour lab (not applicable for science majors) TOTAL: at least 7 science hours. .....7-8

Social Sciences

  Nine semester hours total required from these subject areas: African-American Studies, Anthropology, Economics, History, Journalism, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies .....9

These quantitative requirements also apply to degrees in the College of Arts and Sciences:

  • Students may apply no more than 60 semester hours of 100-level courses toward the degree.
  • Students must apply no fewer than 60 semester hours of 200- and 300-level courses toward the degree.
  • Students must have at least 18 semester hours (of the 60 semester hours above) at the 300 level.
  • Students may transfer in no more than 66 semester hours from community colleges.
  • Students must take their final 30 hours at Roosevelt University. Note that some majors have additional requirements for RU hours.
  • Students must have a grade point average of 2.0 or higher to graduate. Note that some majors have additional GPA requirements.
  • Students must have a minimum of 90 hours in Arts and Sciences.
  • Students may apply no more than 51 hours in the major (BA) or 57 hours in the major (BS)