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Computer Science, BS


This program follows the traditional computer science curriculum with its emphasis on mathematics and computing systems theory. It prepares students to pursue careers in highly technical areas such as systems programming and software engineering, or to go on to pursue graduate degrees in computer science.


The final 30 semester hours of the degree must be taken at Roosevelt University. At least 15 semester hours of credit in the computer science major must also be taken at Roosevelt. At most 60 semester hours may be taken at the 100 level. At least 63 semester hours must be in non-computing courses. A minor in mathematics is required.

  CST 150 Computer Science I .....4
  CST 250 Computer Science II .....4
  CST 280 Introduction to Algorithms .....3
  CST 311 Analysis of Real World Networks .....3
  CST 317 Operating Systems .....3
  CST 333 Database Systems .....3
  CST 370 Software Engineering I .....3
  CST 372 Programming Languages .....3
  CST 3XX CST 337 Theory of Computation -OR- CST 387 Algorithm Design .....3


  Three 300+ level CST courses .....9

Upper Level Programming:

  CST 3XX CST 343, 365 or 3XX Programming Course .....3

Minor in mathematics for the BS in computer science

See the Mathematics Department section of the catalog for required courses.