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Information Technology, BA


This degree provides flexibility to allow students to select computer science courses which meet their specific needs. It offers three optional concentrations. One of these concentrations will appear on a student's transcripts only if all of its requirements are met.


The final 30 semester hours of credit must be taken at Roosevelt University. At least 15 semester hours of credit in the computer science major must also be taken at Roosevelt. At most 60 semester hours may be taken at the 100 level. At least 69 semester hours must be in non-computing courses.

Students planning to pursue an MS in computer science should take MATH 231, 245, and 300, as well as CST 280 in their curriculum.

  CST 150 Computer Science I .....4
  CST 246 Data Communications .....3
  CST 250 Computer Science II .....4
  CST 270 Systems Analysis and Design .....3

Choose 1 Introductory Course:

  CST 101 Essential Computer Skills .....3
  CST 115 Digital Mediacraft .....3

Choose 1 of 2:

  CST 333 Database Systems .....3
  CST 386 Information Retrieval .....3

Choose 1 of 3:

  CST 318 Introduction to UNIX .....3
  CST 365 Network Applications Development .....3
  CST 371 Distributed Databases .....3

Electives: (If a concentration is chosen, select required courses for that concentration.)

  • Two 200+ level CST courses (6 semester hours)
  • Four 300+ level CST courses (12 semester hours)

Optional minor in mathematics for the BA in Information Technology:

See the Mathematics Department section of the catalog for required courses.

Optional minor in business for the BA in Information Technology:

See the College of Business section of the catalog for required courses.

Database and Data Assurance Concentration

The Database and Data Assurance concentration is designed to focus on data as an essential organizational resource. Students in this concentration study effective and efficient means of storing and manipulating data electronically. They typically attain jobs in database management, information security, or database administration.

A minor in mathematics is recommended for this concentration.

Required Courses:

  CST 246 Data Communications (select from required coursers) .....3
  CST 333 Database Systems (select from required courses) .....3
  CST 368 Internet Security .....3
  CST 370 Software Engineering I .....3

Information Technology Management Concentration

The IT Management concentration is intended for those who want to approach computing from the business applications perspective. These are knowledge workers who focus on how organizations can better utilize information technology rather than on the technology itself; therefore, a minor in business is recommended for this concentration.

Required Courses:

  CST 246 Data Communications (select from required courses) .....3
  CST 327 Software Project Management .....3
  CST 370 Software Engineering I .....3

Network Applications Concentration

The Network Applications concentration is designed for those seeking careers in the expanding information technology field who do not wish to follow the traditional computer science curriculum with its emphasis on mathematics and computing systems theory. These individuals often get jobs in emerging areas such as electronic commerce, web design, tech support, software training, and systems integration. They may also pursue careers in more established roles such as business analyst or applications programmer.

A minor in mathematics or business is recommended for the network applications concentration.

Required Courses:

  CST 318 Introduction to UNIX .....3
  CST 343 Object-Oriented Programming and Web Services .....3
  CST 367 Web-Based Database Applications .....3
  CST 376 Distributed Applications .....3