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Media Studies, BA

Offered in: CHICAGO

The major in Media Studies can only be completed at the Chicago campus. Media Studies is an interdisciplinary program for those interested in exploring the media and their effects and avenues of influence in society, politics, and culture.


All courses in the major must be passed with a grade of C or better.


Students must have completed COMM 201 (formerly JOUR 201) or its equivalent with a grade of C or better to begin their studies in the Media Studies major. Transfer students must complete at least eight courses (24 semester hours) at Roosevelt.


Students will complete a total of 12 courses, consisting of eight required courses and four electives, for a total of 36 semester hours. As electives, students take four courses at the 200- or 300-level in MED, JOUR, IMC, or SPCH.

  MED 203 Introduction to Media Theory .....3
  MED 221 Introduction to Media Production .....3
  MED 306 Media Literacy .....3
  MED 351 Public Opinion and Propaganda .....3
  MED 363 Media Ethics .....3
  MED 375 Media Analysis and Criticism .....3
  MED 380 Introduction to Media Research .....3
  MED 381 The Media Studies Research Project .....3
  Four courses at the 200- or 300-level in MED, JOUR, IMC, or SPCH. .....12