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Biology, Minor


Students may earn a minor in Biology by successfully completing four biology courses and at least 15 semester hours in biology.


Students must complete all courses counted towards the Biology minor with a grade of C- or higher, and a cumulative GPA of 2.0.


None of the courses listed below for non-majors has a chemistry prerequisite.


Students who have transferred three or more biology courses may earn a minor in Biology by completing at least two additional biology courses (at least one with laboratory) totaling at least eight semester hours at Roosevelt University.

Recommended for non-science majors

  BIOL 111 Human Biology .....4
  BIOL 112 Environmental Biology .....4
  BIOL 123 Anatomy and Physiology 1 .....4
  BIOL 124 Anatomy and Physiology 2 .....4
  BIOL 302 Diversity and Evolution .....3
  BIOL 324 Marine Biology .....3
  BIOL 333 National Park Field Experience .....4
  One additional Biology elective .....3

Recommended for science majors and other students with the appropriate chemistry background

  BIOL 201 Organismic Biology .....5
  BIOL 202 Ecology, Evolution and Genetics .....5
  BIOL 301 Cellular and Molecular Biology .....5
  One additional Biology elective .....3