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Biology, BA


The BA in biology is an option for students who wish an in-depth humanistic education in biology without completing all of the biology, mathematics, chemistry, and physics courses required for the BS in biology. This degree does not prepare students fully for postgraduate study in the life sciences or health professions.


Courses taken for the major or minor must be taken on a letter grade basis. A grade of C- is the minimal acceptable grade for a course to be applied to the major or minor, or to be acceptable as a prerequisite for subsequent courses. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 is required for all courses in the major and the minor.


Requirements for the BA degree include 30 semester hours of acceptable credits in biology and at least one 300-level laboratory course beyond Biol 301. Students must also complete three courses that cover the interface between the sciences and other disciplines, such as history or philosophy, or that concern the connections of science and technology with social, political, or moral issues.

  • Students must complete the final 30 semester hours of their degree at Roosevelt University; off-site allied health courses do not count towards this requirement.
  • At least 20 semester hours in acceptable biology, chemistry, or physics courses must be taken at Roosevelt University; not more than 15 semester hours of acceptable biology courses may be taken elsewhere.
  • Following enrollment, completion of all remaining biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics course requirements for Biology degrees must be accomplished at Roosevelt University. Under special circumstances, written permission to take required courses elsewhere may be granted by Biology advisors.
  • Courses in biology must have been taken within the last eight years to be accepted for graduation.
  • No more than four semester hours of independent study in biology may be used to fulfill the requirements of the major.
  • A first course in human anatomy and physiology does not apply towards a major in biology; technical and/or clinical courses are not acceptable for transfer credit, except for programs in medical technology, nuclear medicine technology or radiation therapy technology.
  • AP biology credit with a score of 3.0 or higher may apply toward the major in biology or the general education requirement; consult with an advisor.
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  • At least one biology course with a laboratory above BIOL 301 must be passed with a grade of C- or better.

  BIOL 201 Organismic Biology .....5
  BIOL 202 Ecology, Evolution, and Genetics .....5
  BIOL 301 Cellular and Molecular Biology .....5
  CHEM 201 General Chemistry I .....5
  CHEM 202 General Chemistry II .....5
  CHEM 211 Organic Chemistry I .....5
  MATH 121 Contemporary College Algebra .....3
  MATH 217 Introduction to Probability and Statistics .....3

Electives chosen from the list below to complete a minimum of 30 semester hours in biology:

  BIOL 302 Diversity and Evolution .....3
  BIOL 310 Physiological Psychology .....3
  BIOL 315 Ecology .....5
  BIOL 323 Tropical Biology .....2
  BIOL 324 Marine Biology .....3
  BIOL 332 Ecology of Tallgrass Prairies .....4
  BIOL 335 Great Lakes .....4
  BIOL 350 Cancer Biology .....3
  BIOL 351 General Genetics .....5
  BIOL 360 Microbiology .....5
  BIOL 367 Immunology .....5
  BIOL 391 Medical Internship .....3

Three electives chosen from the list below or in consultation with an advisor:

  CHEM 212 Organismic Biology .....5
  HIST 348 History of Medicine .....3
  MATH 231 Calculus I .....4
  MATH 232 Calculus II .....4
  PHIL 209 Critical Thinking .....3
  PHIL 210 Logic .....3
  PHIL 230 Ethics .....3
  PHIL 331 Philosophy of Technology .....3
  PHIL 333 Business Ethics .....3
  PSYC 285 Research Methods .....3
  PSYC 336 Brain and Behavior .....3
  SOC 360 The Body .....3


  General Education Requirements, University Writing Requirement, and electives to total: .....120