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Chemistry Minor


Students may earn a minor in chemistry by completing the courses listed below for a total of 20 semester hours.


Students must complete all courses counted towards the chemistry minor with a grade of C- or higher.


At least eight semester hours must be completed at Roosevelt University. Students who have transferred three or more equivalent courses may earn a minor in chemistry by completing at least two additional chemistry courses numbered 200 or above and totaling at least eight semester hours at Roosevelt University.

  CHEM 201 General Chemistry I .....5
  CHEM 202 General Chemistry II .....5
  CHEM 211 Organic Chemistry I .....5
  CHEM 212 Organic Chemistry II .....5
  CHEM 237 Quantitative Environmental Analysis -OR- (see CHEM 313) .....5
  CHEM 313 Advanced Organic Chemistry Laboratory .....5
  CHEM 347 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory .....5