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Chemistry, BA


The BA degree is a useful option for those students who wish a strong scientific background but who are considering taking a wider variety of courses or pursuing study or work in another area such as pharmacy, dentistry, medicine, veterinary medicine, government, business, environmental science, or law.

Chemistry majors interested in teaching science in the high schools should meet with an advisor early in their program to plan an appropriate course sequence. Chemistry majors with strong academic backgrounds are encouraged to apply to the Roosevelt Scholars Program.


  • Courses applying to the major must be taken on a letter grade basis.
  • All courses applying to the chemistry major must be passed with a grade of C or higher and a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.
  • At least 25 semester hours of the required chemistry courses must be completed at Roosevelt University.
  • Chemistry courses must be taken within eight years of graduation to be accepted for credit without examination.
  • Undergraduate research with a faculty member is recommended for graduation.
  • Entering students with a score of at least four on the AP chemistry placement examination will receive credit for CHEM 201.

  CHEM 201 General Chemistry I .....5
  CHEM 202 General Chemistry II .....5
  CHEM 211 Organic Chemistry I .....5
  CHEM 212 Organic Chemistry II .....5
  CHEM 237 Quantitative Environmental Analysis .....5
  CHEM 321 Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics .....5
  CHEM 322 Physical Chemistry: Quantum Mechanics .....5
  CHEM 323 Physical Chemistry: Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy .....3
  CHEM 341 Inorganic Chemistry .....3
  MATH 231 Calculus I .....4
  MATH 232 Calculus II .....4
  PHYS 231 Introductory Calculus-Based Physics I .....5
  PHYS 232 Introductory Calculus-Based Physics II .....5


One 300-level advanced laboratory course chosen from the list below
  CHEM 313 Advanced Organic Chemistry Laboratory .....5
  CHEM 337 Instrumental Analysis .....5
  CHEM 347 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory .....5
One 300-level course in chemistry 3– 5
  CHEM 321 CHEM 321 Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics (Laboratory) .....2
  CHEM 322 CHEM 322 Physical Chemistry: Quantum Mechanics (Laboratory) .....2
Two 300-level courses in chemistry 6 – 10
  CHEM 321 CHEM 321 Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics (Laboratory) .....2
  CHEM 322 CHEM 322 Physical Chemistry: Quantum Mechanics (Laboratory) .....2


  General education, University Writing Requirement, and electives to total: .....120