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Fine Art, Minor

Offered in: CHICAGO

The art program consists of a series of undergraduate courses leading to a minor in fine art.

As part of the requirements of the minor, degree seeking students in a good standing may elect to take a maximum of 1 course at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Roosevelt University students must register and receive credit for SAIC courses at Roosevelt. Registration is by consent only and requires the approval of both the SAIC and Roosevelt University Art program advisors.


Students must earn a grade of C or higher in each course. At least two courses must be taken at Roosevelt University – one of which must be a 300 level.

The minor requires 15 hours including:

  ART 101 Introduction to the Visual Arts .....3
  ART 201 Ancient Through Medieval Art -OR- (see ART 202) .....3
  ART 202 Renaissance Through Modern Art -OR- (see ART 201) .....3
  ART 390 Internship -OR- SAIC Course (Art internship is open only to Juniors and Seniors) .....3


  One advanced studio course at the 300-level -OR- 300-level Art course .....3

Studio courses at Roosevelt (at least one is required)

Ceramics series
  ART 226 Ceramics .....3
  ART 326 Advanced Ceramics .....3
Drawing series
  ART 210 Drawing I .....3
  ART 211 Drawing II .....3
  ART 310 Advanced Drawing I .....3
  ART 311 Advanced Drawing II .....3
Figure drawing series
  ART 212 Figure Drawing .....3
  ART 312 Advanced Figure Drawing .....3
Painting series
  ART 215 Painting I .....3
  ART 216 Painting II .....3
  ART 315 Advanced Painting I .....3
  ART 316 Advanced Painting II .....3
Textile and material arts series
  ART 329 Textile Arts and Material Arts .....3
  ART 330 Advanced Textile Arts and Material Arts .....3