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Music Composition, Minor

Offered in: CHICAGO

A 15 semester hour minor in composition is available to students pursuing the Bachelor of Music degree in any field who have passed MUSC 121 A/B/C and MUSC 122 A/B/C with a B average (minimum). Students may use courses already required for their major towards fulfillment of the minor in composition.


The completion of the following requirements with an average of B or better fulfills the requirements for the minor. Students may elect complete sequences (such as MTA 301 and 302) or the first course in any of the three sequences.

  MCMP 225 Composition Seminar (two semesters) .....
  MCMP 325 Composing: Art and Process .....3
  MCMP 326 Composition II: The Personal Muse .....3

Three of the following classes

  JAZZ 305 Composition and Arranging I .....3
  JAZZ 306 Composition and Arranging II .....3
  MTA 301 Instrumentation/Orchestration .....3
  MTA 302 Advanced Orchestration .....3
  MTA 304 Counterpoint .....3
  MTA 325 Introduction to Electroacoustic Music .....3
  MTA 326 Electroacoustic Music II .....3

Students pursuing the composition minor must have at least one and up to three pieces performed on a student composition recital during the course of their studies.