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Music Education, BM

Offered in: CHICAGO

The goal of the program is to help students gain an understanding of music and the relationship of music to the education of students in elementary and secondary schools. Preparing to teach music in the public schools requires the development of competent musicianship, which enables students to construct in their own teaching meaningful musical experiences that will instill long-lasting musical values.

Students are also grounded in the principles of child development, psychology, and philosophy, which prepare them to establish an environment for relevant, sequenced, age-appropriate experiences, assessed in ways that are authentic and reflect the musical progress of the child. Extensive background in general education prepares the student to be a contributing member of the total educational system, able to thrive in the cultural diversity which characterizes today’s schools. Lastly, the undergraduate experience culminates in practical self-realization, enabling the individual to make informed, realistic decisions while engaged in the teaching profession.


Students choose an emphasis in either choral music education (127 semester hours) or instrumental music education (129 semester hours). General education, professional education, basic music education, and music core requirements are the same for both emphases. Specific requirements for each emphasis as well as for the double majors in music education and performance are listed below.

The music core consists of the following required music courses: Applied Music 201-204 and 301-303 or 211-214 and 311-314; 6 semester hours of ensemble; two courses from among MUHL 210, 251, 252, and 253; MUSC 222A/B/C; and PERF 240. Any grade lower than C in any music core, music education, education, or professional education course is considered a failing grade and will not fulfill degree requirements. Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.7 to remain in good standing and graduate. All other course requirements must be completed before the semester of student teaching.

Choral emphasis only

  ME 311 Choral Methods for Elementary/Junior High School .....3
  ME 312 Choral Methods for Senior High School .....3

Choral emphasis only - choose two

  ME 152, 153, 154, 155 .....2

Choral emphasis only

  ME 395 Early Field Experience or Independent Study .....2
  PERF 156 Beginning Guitar -OR- (see PIA 201) .....2
  PIA 201 Intermediate Level Piano -OR- (see PERF 156) .....2

Instrumental emphasis only

  ME 152 Brass Instruments I .....1
  ME 153 Woodwind Instruments I .....1
  ME 154 String Instruments I .....1
  ME 155 Percussion Instruments I .....1
  ME 161 Choral Methods for Instrumental Music Education .....2
  ME 313 Instrumental Methods for Elementary/Junior High School .....3
  ME 314 Instrumental Methods for Senior High School .....3
  ME 337 Marching/Jazz Band Management .....2

Music core courses

  Applied Music 201, 202, 203, 204, 301, 302, 303 .....14
  MUSC 222AB Musicianship IV .....5
  PERF 240 Elements of Conducting .....2

Music education/professional education

  ME 149 Seminar in Music Education .....1
  ME 200 Music Education Lab (participation required for all majors in semesters three through seven) .....
  ME 243 Conducting: Art and Technique .....3
  ME 310 Student Teaching .....5-12
  ME 349 Philosophy of Music Education .....3
  ME 350 Teaching Elementary/ General Music .....3
  ME 351 Issues in Music Education .....3

Professional education

  EDUC 210 Child Development for Educators: Infancy Through Adolescence .....3
  SPED 319 Exceptional Children Youth .....3

Required general education courses

  One Non-Western Humanities or Social Science Course .....3
  One United States History Course or Political Science Course .....3
  Threeelectives (3 sh PSYC 103 or other humanities; 6 sh free non-music elective) .....9
  ACP 101 First-Year Seminar .....3
  ACP 110 Primary Texts .....3
  EDUC 200 American Education .....3
  ENG 101 Composition I: Critical Reading and Writing .....3
  ENG 102 Composition II: Introduction to Academic Research .....3
  MATH 105 Foundations of Arithmetic (or higher MATH course) .....3
  READ 363 Teaching Language & Literacy in Content Areas .....3

Required music and music core courses

  Major Ensemble (every term except student teaching) .....7
  MUHL 210 The Music of America .....3
  MUHL 251 History of Western Music I .....3
  MUHL 252 History of Western Music II .....3
  MUHL 253 History of Western Music III .....3

Required music courses

  Recital .....
  MUSC 121AB Musicianship I .....5
  MUSC 122AB Musicianship II .....5
  MUSC 221AB Musicianship III .....5

The curriculum meets the certification requirements for the State of Illinois. Graduates of this program are entitled to Roosevelt University’s recommendation for the K-12 special certificate in music. In order to qualify for Roosevelt University’s recommendation for a certificate, all requirements in effect at the time of application must be met, including satisfactory scores on the Illinois Certification Testing System Basic Skills test and the music subject matter knowledge test. The curriculum is fully certified by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education, which entitles graduates to reciprocity in certification in many other states. Graduates of the program are certified to teach all types of music classes in the elementary and secondary schools.