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Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass and Harp, BM

Offered in: CHICAGO

The program requires a total of 122 semester hours for violin, viola, and violoncello majors, and 120 semester hours for bass and harp majors. It is designed to prepare the student for a career as a performer (solo and ensemble) and for graduate study.


C is the minimum passing grade in Applied Music 211, 212, and 213. At the completion of the second year, the student must receive a minimum grade of B- in Applied Music 214 to be admitted to the upper division. In the upper division the candidate must receive not less than a grade of B- for each semester in his/her major instrument.

  Major Instrument 211-214, 311-314 .....32
  ACP 101 First-Year Seminar .....3
  ENG 101 Composition I: Critical Reading and Writing .....3
  ENG 102 Composition II: Introduction to Academic Research .....3
  ENS 202 Orchestra .....8
  MTA 305 Form and Analysis .....3
  MUHL 210 The Music of America .....3
  MUHL 251 History of Western Music I .....3
  MUHL 252 History of Western Music II .....3
  MUHL 253 History of Western Music III .....3
  MUHL 337 Orchestral Literature .....3
  MUHL 339 Chamber Music Literature .....3
  MUSC 121ABC Musicianship I .....5
  MUSC 122ABC Musicianship II .....5
  MUSC 221ABC Musicianship III .....5
  MUSC 222ABC Musicianship IV .....5
  PERF 099 Performance Attendance (six semesters required) .....
  PERF 215 Advanced Studies in Rhythm and Intonation .....2
  PERF 240 Elements of Conducting .....2
  PERF 330 Senior Seminar in Music Pedagogy .....1
  PERF 380 String Performance Class (eight semesters required) .....


  Seven Academic Courses .....21

STB majors only

  PERF 335 Orchestral Excerpts .....4

VCEL majors only

  PERF 344 Orchestral Excerpts .....2

VLA majors only

  PERF 343 Orchestral Excerpts .....2

VLN majors only

  PERF 342 Orchestral Excerpts .....2

VLN, VLA, VCEL, and HARP majors only

  ENS 307 Chamber Music / Small Ensemble .....4-8*

*Students are assigned to chamber music ensembles at the discretion of the director and the program heads for up to eight semesters. A minimum of four semesters of ENS 307 is required for graduation.