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Focuses on one of sustainability's "Three Es" -- Equity -- within the broad context of environmental stewardship and economic development. A small seminar experience in which the professor and students partner with an outside organization, institution, or community to perform transformational service learning work and address real-world sustainability problems and solutions. Students will engage and debate matters of social equity and environmental justice in relation to sustainable development, urban planning, ecological conservation, and other issues. Course topics and community partners vary section by section; past seminars have focused on, for example, the relations among urban farming, community development, and social justice. Activities include seminar discussions and short oral presentations, field-based work with the community/organizational partner, and other field trips or campus-based activities as arranged by the instructor. Both individual and collaborative work are emphasized in assignments such as short critical essays, oral reports, and co-authored applied research projects.

Credits: 3


  • ENG 102  (with a min grade of C-)

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