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Americans generally don't like to talk or think about social class, and until quite recently we've been especially allergic to "working class" as a term or label. In the 2008 presidential election, the term "working class" was used quite a lot, but usually only to refer only to white men in blue-collar jobs (who were assumed to be good at bowling!), rather than to the multiracial, mixed gendered, diverse occupations of the 21st Century American working class. Working-Class Studies is an emerging academic field that attempts to address this situation, in academic research and teaching and in our public discourse. This course will introduce Roosevelt students to this emerging field by focusing on a handful of issues in the social sciences of economics, political science and sociology (with only fleeting reference to work in the arts, humanities, and history), and then asking students to decide for themselves on the relevance of studying the working class in the ways presented.

Credits: 3


Social Science

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