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This course introduces students to the study of international conflict resolution as viewed through the lens of civil wars (i.e., violent conflict by armed organizations within a recognized state). We address the obstacles to conflict resolution, why some civil wars last longer than others, and international attempts (e.g., UN, US, NATO, EU, etc) to build sustainable post-conflict peace. We nest international peacemaking within the context of global politics and use the main theoretical perspectives therein (e.g., realism, liberalism, constructivism, Marxism, among others).

Credits: 3


International Studies , Social Science


  • POS 102  (with a min grade of C)
  • AND   POS 103  (with a min grade of C)
  •   OR   POS 201  (with a min grade of C)
  •   OR   POS 203  (with a min grade of C)

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