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This course explores the nature, causes and effects of contemporary terrorism. What is terrorism and who defines it? Is terrorism modern or is it a recurring feature of global political history? What are the goals of terrorism, and who is the audience? What causes terrorism, and what strategies have governments and organizations pursued to diminish or end it? The course addresses the long history of terrorism, the role of states in promoting and fighting it and then focuses primarily on the global rise of terrorism beginning in the 1960s through 9/11 and the "War on Terror."

Credits: 3


  • POS 101 (with a min grade of C)
  • AND  ENG 102 (with a min grade of C-)
  •   OR  POS 103 (with a min grade of C)
  •   OR  POS 201 (with a min grade of C)
  •   OR  POS 203 (with a min grade of C)
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