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The humanities may include art, music, literature, film, folklore, philosophy, and popular culture. Focus on the development and exercise of critical and analytical skills related to the humanities. Individual sections may focus on particular topics, ranging from gender and ethnic issues in the arts to themes such as survival, the outsider, or the responsibility of the artist. Extensive class participation and discussion; midterm and final examinations; research project or critical essay on an approved topic; and a presentation before the class. Also available through External Studies Program in print-based format and over the Internet through RU Online.

Credits: 6


  • PLS 201  (with a min grade of C-)
  • AND   ENG 102  (with a min grade of C-)
  •   OR   BGS 201  (with a min grade of C-)
  •   OR   BGS 302  (with a min grade of C-)
  •   OR   PLS 302  (with a min grade of C-)

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