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An interdisciplinary approach to studying the natural sciences (biology, geology, ecology) by focusing on scientific methodology and on selected areas of inquiry, such as human genetics, evolutionary theory, the fossil record, and environmental studies. Basic methods and philosophy of science; scientific concepts and issues; critical analysis of information about science published in the popular media; realization that humans can have a profound impact on our rapidly changing landscape. Lectures, class discussions, student presentations, one or two field trips, exams, short papers, and/or a research paper. Also available through External Studies Program in print-based format and over the Internet through RU Online.

Credits: 6


  • PLS 201  (with a min grade of C-)
  • AND   ENG 102  (with a min grade of C-)
  •   OR   BGS 201  (with a min grade of C-)
  •   OR   BGS 302  (with a min grade of C-)
  •   OR   PLS 302  (with a min grade of C-)

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