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African American literature is a dynamic resource for understanding numerous individual, communal, and societal needs. This survey will highlight canonical and emerging African-American authors from the 18th- 21st century (e.g. Dunbar, Johnson, Jacobs, Wells-Barnett, Hughes, Fauset, Wright, Hurston, Ellison, Brooks, Baraka, Sanchez, Young, Clifton, Reed, Hemphill, Beatty) through a range of genres, noting African, European, and "New World" influences. The writer's role in a given community, an artist's aesthetic considerations and unique voice, the function of the arts, and major movements (e.g. New Negro Harlem Renaissance and the Black Arts Movement) will be among the contexts for our study. Satisfies non-Western requirement.

Credits: 3


Humanities , Non-western Culture


  • ENG 101  (with a min grade of C-)

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