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African American literature is a dynamic resource for understanding numerous individual, communal, and societal needs. This survey will highlight canonical and emerging African-American authors from the 18th- 21st century (e.g. Dunbar, Johnson, Jacobs, Wells-Barnett, Hughes, Fauset, Wright, Hurston, Ellison, Brooks, Baraka, Sanchez, Young, Clifton, Reed, Hemphill, Beatty) through a range of genres, noting African, European, and 'New World' influences. The writer's role in a given community, an artist's aesthetic considerations and unique voice, the function of the arts, and major movements (e.g. 'New Negro'/ Harlem Renaissance and the Black Arts Movement) will be among the contexts for our study. Satisfies non-Western requirement.

Credits: 3


Humanities , Non-western Culture


  • ENG 101  (with a min grade of C-)

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