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Professional Diploma in Opera

Offered in: CHICAGO

The Professional Diploma in Opera is a collaborative program offered in cooperation with the Chicago Opera Theater. It is a two-year post-master’s certificate program that offers scholarship-supported advanced education. It is intended for young singers with a significant level of vocal training and potential who are seeking an operatic career. One pianist with a significant level of language skill and background in the operatic repertory will also be accepted. Students who audition for the program must be admitted by the CCPA faculty for post-master’s-level study and must also be deemed acceptable by the general director of Chicago Opera Theater for its Young Artist Program.


The diploma consists of 36 semester hours of credit. During both the first and second years, students will take voice lessons, performance classes, private musical and dramatic coaching, and a professional seminar, and participate in a fall and spring opera production as assigned. Students will also function as Young Artists at Chicago Opera Theater, where they will understudy lead roles in current repertoire and perform small roles, chorus, and ensemble work.

  PERF 427 Opera Ensemble (four semesters, for singers) .....4
  PERF 468 Operatic Literature and Interpretation (four semesters, for pianists) .....12
  PERF 475 Chicago Opera Theater Apprenticeship .....4
  PERF 478 Opera Coaching (four semesters, for singers) .....4
  PERF 488 Dramatic Coaching (four semesters, for singers) .....4
  PIA 451 Piano I (for pianists) .....4
  PIA 452 Piano II (for pianists) .....4
  PIA 453 Piano III (for pianists) .....4
  PIA 454 Piano IV (for pianists) .....4
  VOI 451 Voice I (for singers) .....4
  VOI 452 Voice II (for singers) .....4
  VOI 453 Voice III (for singers) .....4
  VOI 454 Voice IV (for singers) .....4