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Professional Diploma in Orchestral Studies

Offered in: CHICAGO

This highly selective program is open to students majoring in a woodwind or brass instrument, or percussion. In order to be considered for acceptance to the program, students must demonstrate significant familiarity with, and accomplishment in, orchestral excerpts and repertory.

  Applied Music 451 (Major Instrument I) .....4
  Applied Music 452 (Major Instrument II) .....4
  Applied Music 453 (Major Instrument III) .....4
  Applied Music 454 (Major Instrument IV) .....4
  ENS 402 Orchestra .....4
  PERF 405 Orchestral Audition Workshop .....6
  PERF 411 Orchestral Exceprts I .....2
  PERF 412 Orchestral Exceprts II .....2
  PERF 413 Orchestral Excerpts III .....2
  PERF 414 Orchestral Excerpts IV .....2
  PERF 418 Solo Performance .....2
  PERF 423 Orchestral Seminar I .....1
  PERF 424 Orchestral Seminar II .....1