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Music Performance - Classical Guitar, MM

Offered in: CHICAGO

Candidates for a Master of Music degree with a major in performance will study important works from the traditional and modern repertory and will present a well-balanced recital of appropriate difficulty.

Electives will be chosen in consultation with the advisor and may include ensembles or coursework (not additional applied lessons). With the permission of the advisor and the director, students may substitute directed study or independent projects for required course work that duplicates advanced courses taken at the undergraduate level.


Comprehensive Examination for Performance Majors. Students in the M.M. performance major programs will complete a 60-minute comprehensive examination during the final semester in residence. The Comprehensive Examination consists of a Coursework Review and a Recital Review.

For the Coursework Review, the student will present a personal written statement summarizing the major topics, themes, and projects undertaken in music academic coursework. This statement will include a discussion of the relationship between the student’s academic studies and performance studies. The Recital Review focuses on two pieces or movements selected by the student from the graduate recital program. The student will discuss each piece with the faculty committee, integrating its analytical and structural aspects, historical context, and performance-related issues.

  MAS 401 Style and Literature .....3
  Music Academic Electives .....9
  Graduate Recital .....1
  ENS 409 Classical Guitar Ensemble .....4
  GUIT 411 Applied Guitar (Major) I .....4
  GUIT 412 Applied Guitar (Major) II .....4
  GUIT 413 Applied Guitar (Major) III .....4
  GUIT 414 Applied Guitar (Major) IV .....4
  PERF 434 Comprehensive Technique for Classical Guitarists .....2
  PERF 436 History and Performance of Guitar Literature .....3
  PERF 438 Career Seminar for Classical Guitarists .....2
  PERF 499 Graduate Comprehensive Exam .....
  PERF 99 Performance Attendance (two semesters) .....

Four semesters required

  GUIT 400 Performance Class .....4

Music academic electives will include a minimum of two MAS (Music Academic Studies) courses.


Music Academic Electives

Performance majors must choose from among the following to fulfill their course requirements. Not all courses are offered every year.

Music Academic Studies

  MAS 418 Studies in Piano Literature .....3
  MAS 419 Studies in Song Literature .....3
  MAS 438 Studies in Orchestral Literature .....3
  MAS 439 Studies in Chamber Music Literature .....3
  MAS 445 Seminar in Opera .....3
  MAS 461 Schenkerian Analysis .....3
  MAS 471 Seminar in Early Music .....3
  MAS 472 Seminar: Classic Era .....3
  MAS 473 Seminar: Romantic Era .....3
  MAS 474 Seminar: Studies in Music 1900-1950 .....3
  MAS 475 Seminar: Studies in Music Since 1950 .....3
  MAS 480 Seminar: Special Topics .....3

Music History and Literature

  MUHL 421 Performance Practice 1600-1800 .....3
  MUHL 422 Performance Practice Since 1800 .....3
  MUHL 426 Electroacoustic Music II .....3

Music Theory and Analysis

  MTA 402 Advanced Orchestration .....3
  MUHL 425 History of Electroacoustic Music .....3