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Theatre Directing, Fast Track MA

Offered in: CHICAGO

The Theatre Conservatory at Roosevelt University offers a Fast Track Master's degree in theatre directing to serve the needs of highly motivated, in-service high school drama teachers. In three intensive six-week summer sessions over a three-year period, students complete 30 semester hours of required course work. Students then do their thesis productions for an additional three semester hours at their own schools. An appropriate representative of the faculty of The Theatre Conservatory comes to each candidate's school to jury the thesis production.

The faculty of the Fast Track program is comprised of working professionals, including Roosevelt University resident faculty and staff. The program stresses practical training for the secondary educator in tandem with special workshops and lectures with professionals in the field. Enrollment in the program is limited.

As an integral component of the Fast Track program, students are taken to various Chicago area theatres to view productions as an extension of the classroom experience. Opportunities to meet the actors, directors, and others involved in the productions are included as a part of the theatre-going experience when possible.

  THAR 400 Special Problems in Theatrical Production I: Lights, Sound, Make-up .....4
  THAR 401 Special Problems in Theatrical Production II: Sets, Props, Costumes .....4
  THAR 402 Dramaturgy and Production Preparation .....4
  THAR 406 Stage Movement and Combat .....3
  THAR 407 Voice and Body Training .....3
  THAR 408 Period Styles .....3
  THAR 411 Stage Direction: Literary Adaptation .....3
  THAR 448 Stage Directing I .....3
  THAR 449 Stage Directing II .....3
  THAR 494 Thesis Project .....3

For the Fast Track rotation schedule, contact the CCPA Admission Office at (312) 341-6735.