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Human Resource Management, MSHRM


Developing sound and legal policies for selecting, developing and compensating employees are fundamental necessities for today's organizations. The objectives of the human resource management program are to provide professional and technical competence in the management of human resources, and build the attitudes and motivational skills necessary for developing employees. Students learn the managerial techniques and procedures that can serve a business organization by harmonizing economic objectives with individual and group needs.


To earn the MSHRM, students must successfully complete 31 semester hours: a one-semester-hour orientation course, six core courses, and four electives. Students with prior course work in human resource management may petition to substitute a more advanced course for a core course with the approval of the program chair.

Core Courses

  BADM 401 Graduate Business Orientation .....1
  HRM 400 Strategic Issues in Human Resource Management .....3
  HRM 434 Employee Selection and Staffing .....3
  HRM 438 Compensation Management .....3
  HRM 493 Seminar in Human Resource Management .....3
  MGMT 407 Executive Leadership .....3
  MGMT 465 Organization Theory .....3

General Elective

  One course approved by the program director chosen from topic electives, other graduate business courses, or other related graduate courses .....3

Topic Elective Courses (choose 3)

  HRM 405 Legal Issues in Human Resource Management .....3
  HRM 420 Human Resources and Career Planning .....3
  HRM 428 Workplace Diversity .....3
  HRM 430 Employee Benefits .....3
  HRM 432 Administering Labor/Management Relations .....3
  HRM 491 Topics in Human Resource Management .....3
  HRM 495 Independent Study .....3
  MGMT 453 International Management and Leadership .....3
  MGMT 454 International Experience .....3
  MGMT 460 Team building and Leadership Skills .....3
  TRDV 400 Foundations in Training and Development .....3