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Accounting MSA


The Master of Science in Accounting program is designed to enable graduates in the liberal arts, sciences, engineering, and other fields, as well as graduates in business, to complete an advanced degree in accounting on a part-time or full-time basis. The MSA program offers two tracks, Professional Accounting and Forensic Accounting.

Students of accounting will find the MSA program beneficial because it can help advance careers through further study in the evenings. Persons interested in taking the CPA, CIA, CFE or CMA examinations can enroll in the MSA program to complete their professional training and/or fulfill professional exam requirements.

The focus of the learning process is a shared responsibility of the student and instructor. Our classes are small, the contact personal. We stress teamwork and group projects, with many case analyses that include written and oral presentations. Above all, we expect each student to contribute to the education of his or her colleagues, believing that adult learners have considerable expertise to share with classmates.


To earn an MSA, students must successfully complete at least 31 semester hours, including a one-semester-hour online business orientation course, three core courses, five required courses for their chosen track, and two Accounting electives. Students entering with a non-business baccalaureate degree will have their prior course work evaluated and may be required to take additional Accounting course(s) in addition to the 11-course MSA program.

Core courses

  ACCT 406 Issues in Asset Evaluation .....3
  ACCT 407 Issues in Income Determination .....3
  ACCT 491 Accounting Research and Analysis .....3


  BADM 401 Graduate Business Orientation .....1

Students may choose one of the following tracks

Track 1: Professional Accounting
  ACCT 414 Advanced Accounting .....3
  ACCT 433 Auditing .....3
  ACCT 442 Cost and Managerial .....3
  ACCT 450 Accounting Information Systems .....3
  ACCT 456 Federal Taxation .....3
Track 2: Forensic Accounting
  ACCT 433 Auditing .....3
  ACCT 456 Federal Taxation .....3
  ACCT 471 Fraud Examination .....3
  ACCT 473 Financial Statements and Fraud .....3
  ACCT 474 Anti-Money Laundering .....3
  ACCT 475 Computer Forensics .....3
  ACCT 477 Topics in Business Forensics .....3