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Accounting MSA


The Master of Science in Accounting degree is designed to meet the needs of the following groups:

  • Students who wish to complete their professional accounting education
  • Students who wish to pursue a terminal program that will enable them to enter the fields of public accounting, managerial accounting, governmental or nonprofit accounting
  • Students with majors in the liberal arts, sciences, engineering, and other fields who want to complete a professional accounting program
  • Accountants and teachers of accounting who wish to advance their careers through further study


To earn an MSA, students must successfully complete at least 31 semester hours: a one-semester-hour orientation course, seven core courses, and three electives. Students with prior course work in managerial accounting and/or accounting information systems can petition to substitute a more advanced course with the approval of the program chair. Students entering with a non-business baccalaureate degree will have their prior course work evaluated. Based upon the evaluation, students may be required to take undergraduate accounting courses in addition to the 11-course MSA program.

Electives may be chosen from the College of Business or from graduate courses offered in other colleges of Roosevelt University. A maximum of two may be taken from non-accounting areas with consent of the assistant dean for Graduate Studies. A proposal must be submitted to the assistant dean for Graduate Studies with a solid rationale for the coherence and appropriateness of the plan.

  BADM 401 Graduate Business Orientation .....1

Core Courses

  ACCT 406 Issues in Asset Valuation .....3
  ACCT 407 Issues in Income Determination .....3
  ACCT 433 Professional Practice of Auditing .....3
  ACCT 442 Advanced Cost and Managerial Accounting .....3
  ACCT 450 Accounting Information Systems .....3
  ACCT 456 Federal Taxation .....3
  ACCT 491 Accounting Theory and Policy .....3


  Three graduate-level courses, at least one in Accounting .....9