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Strategic Management, Graduate Credential


Strategic Management has become a major field of study for senior and middle level line managers as well as senior and middle level professional staff personnel. The ability to define an organization’s mission, establish strategic and financial objectives, craft an appropriate strategy, and then implement it are key skills that successful organizations must acquire.

The courses within the program explore various topics within the field of strategic management. Some of these key topics are the establishment of an organization's mission, strategic and financial objectives; the basic concepts of strategic competition; the relationships between the CEO, the organization’s top management, and the board of directors; the relationships among organizational structure, design, and environment with specific emphasis on how environmental turbulence, changes in strategy and technology, and organizational maturity impact the internal functioning and structure of the contemporary organization. In addition the students will participate as part of a team in a hands-on consulting project with a local organization looking at questions of a strategic nature. International ramifications of strategic management will also be studied by either a theory course offered on campus or an option to travel to a foreign country as part of a group of students and faculty to study strategy in an international setting.

During the program of study of after completing the course work with appropriate grades, the student may want to formally apply to continue within the Heller College of Business to obtain a graduate business degree such as the MBA.


Core Course Requirements:
Students must take a total of five courses (15 credit hours) and maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average.

  MGMT 465 Organizational Theory .....3
  MGMT 472 CEO, Top Management, and the Board .....3
  MGMT 473 Special Topics in Strategic Management .....3
  MGMT 474 Management Consulting .....3
Select one from the following courses:
  MGMT 454 International Experience .....3
  MGMT 470 Organizational Change and Development .....3
  MGMT 491 Special Topics: Management .....3