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Commercial Real Estate Development, Graduate Credential

Offered in: CHICAGO

The credential is a new program that offers an opportunity for those who have completed a BA degree to start their graduate education in real estate. The credential can enhance professional knowledge and be a transition into the two graduate real estate degrees: MBA/RE or MSRE.

The credential is offered in the Chicago School of Real Estate within the Heller College of Business. The school’s mission is to provide the latest in academic knowledge and hands-on professional training in all sectors of the real estate industry.

The Marshall Bennett Institute of Real Estate supports the school by providing research, guest lecturers, mentors, job networking, executive education, fundraising, and industry events. It also operates the Urban Retail Properties Professional Development and Research Center.

The credential curriculum consists of five graduate real estate classes, of which REES 401 (Real Estate Process) is required and four courses are electives from the Real Estate Courses.


Requirements are the same as for the MBA/RE (Concentration in Real Estate) or Master of Science in Real Estate (MSRE).

Candidates are eligible for real estate scholarship assistance under the same requirements as master degree candidates, but at lower amounts adjusted to the reduced number of classes.

Completion Date
All credential candidates are required to complete the five classes within two academic years.

Credential candidates can transfer to an MBA/RE or MSRE degree program at any point in the program or upon completion. Courses taken are eligible for transfer into either degree program.

Current Real Estate Courses
For the most updated information on real estate course listings and changes each semester, review the schedule of classes.

  REES 401 Real Estate Process .....3
Four additional courses required from Real Estate offerings.
  REES 405 Urban Land Economics .....3
  REES 411 Real Estate Finance & Investment .....3
  REES 421 Real Estate Law .....3
  REES 431 Real Estate Marketing & Management .....3
  REES 441 Real Estate Design & Feasibility .....3
  REES 451 Public/Private Development .....3
  REES 461 Project Management & Construction .....3
  REES 481 Real Estate Development .....3
  REES 493 Special Topics .....3