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Human Resource Management, Graduate Credential


As a specialty business field, human resources workers will enjoy faster-than-average job growth for the foreseeable future, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2011). This demand will be spurred, in part, by new laws regulating the workplace, health, pensions and family issues, among others. In addition, HR workers are increasingly consulting with top executives about strategic planning and other long-term issues that have hitherto been an off-limits area to HR professionals.

This credential is offered within the Heller College of Business. The College’s mission is to provide a diverse population of students the best opportunity to develop critical skills necessary for success. This education emphasizes professional integrity, sustainable business practices and global engagement. The College’s aim is to provide its students with the latest in academic knowledge and real world practice.

About the Program

This credential program provides and expands Roosevelt University’s educational opportunities for individuals with a bachelor’s degree to gain human resource management skills and competencies. It is intended to enhance the student’s understanding of Human Resource’s key role in partnering for the successful implementation of a business strategy, to build the student’s tacit knowledge in the functional aspects of HR such as recruitment, staffing, compensation and labor relations, and to increase their career choices and opportunities.

All credential candidates are required to complete the program within six academic years. Credential candidates can transfer to a MSHRM or an MBA/HR degree program at any point in the credential program or upon completion. Courses taken are eligible for transfer into either degree program.


Core Course Requirement: Five courses (15 semester credit hours) in HRM and Management are required, as noted below. These courses are generally offered on both campuses. Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA.

  HRM 400 Strategic Issues in Human Resource Management .....3
  HRM 405 Legal Issues in Human Resource Management .....3
  HRM 434 Employee Selection and Staffing .....3
  HRM 438 Compensation Management .....3
  MGMT 470 Organizational Change and Development .....3

Substituting for Core Course Requirements: Students with prior course work in Human Resource Management can petition to substitute a course or courses with the approval of the Assistant Dean, Graduate Studies.