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Managerial Leadership, Graduate Credential


There are new and different challenges confronting business and non-business organizations both now and in the coming years. These organizations are relying more and more on well-trained managers to help them remain competitive and vital.

While there are many functional area responsibilities that come along with being a manager, in order to perform at a consistently high level there are other qualities and skills that are called into play, such as how to lead, guide, direct and develop subordinates, no matter the type of organization to which one belongs. This credential is expected to broaden, and enhance, the skills of our students so that they exhibit their competency at the same time advance in their careers.

This credential is offered within the Heller College of Business. The college’s mission is to provide a diverse population of students the best opportunity to develop critical skills necessary for success. This education emphasizes professional integrity, sustainable business practices, and global engagement. The college’s aim is to provide its students with the latest in academic knowledge and real world practice.

About the Program

This credential program expands Roosevelt University’s educational opportunities for individuals with a bachelor’s degree to gain additional management skills and competencies. This credential is intended to enhance the student’s understanding of, and ability to, cope effectively with today’s (and tomorrow’s) challenging managerial issues, so that they may take an active role in improving the efficiency and/or competitive position of any organization in which they have responsibility for the management of others. This program should also broaden their career opportunities.

All credential candidates are required to complete their certificates within six academic years.

Credential candidates can transfer to an MBA degree program (or other graduate level program) at any point in the credential program or upon completion. Courses taken are eligible for transfer into either degree program.


Core Course Requirements: Students must take a total of five courses (15 credit hours) and maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average.

  MGMT 407 Executive Leadership (required) .....3
Four from the following courses:
  HRM 400 Strategic Issues in Human Resource Management .....3
  HRM 405 Legal Issues for Human Resource Management .....3
  HRM 428 Workplace Diversity .....3
  MGMT 423 Behavioral Science Systems for Management .....3
  MGMT 452 International Business Environmental Analysis .....3
  MGMT 453 International Management & Leadership .....3
  MGMT 454 International Experience .....3
  MGMT 470 Organizational Change & Development .....3
  MGMT 472 CEO, Top Management, And The Board .....3
  MGMT 474 Management Consulting .....3
  MGMT 488 Project Management .....3