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Clinical Child and Family Psychology, Graduate Credential


The Credential in Clinical Child and Family Psychology provides students enrolled in Roosevelt University’s MA in Clinical Professional Psychology or the PsyD in Clinical Psychology programs with an opportunity to gain special expertise in working with children.

The Credential in Clinical Child and Family Psychology complements students’ general clinical training, so that upon graduation they will have an advanced understanding of normal and abnormal child development, and will be competent practitioners who can effectively assist children and families.

The knowledge that students gain in their relevant course work will be complemented by the skills they refine during practicum or internship fieldwork. Thus, credential recipients gain direct experience working with children and families, develop greater empathy to children who experience adversity, and develop career-relevant skills.


Students pursuing this credential choose three electives from the list of courses below. In addition, students complete a two-semester clinical placement that focuses on conducting psychological assessment or psychotherapy with children or families. The clinical placement requirement can be satisfied by any of the six-credit training sequences listed below (the specific course which is most appropriate depends on the program in which the student is enrolled). The director of clinical training can advise students whether a particular training site provides sufficient contact with children and families to fulfill this requirement.

Choose elective coursework (three courses)

  PSYC 492 Children, Psychology and the Law .....3
  PSYC 540 Child Social Skills Training .....3
  PSYC 636 Human Development .....3
  PSYC 639 Child and Adolescent Assessment .....3
  PSYC 654 Child and Adolescent Therapy .....3
  PSYC 655 Couples and Family Therapy .....3
  PSYC 741 Child Psychotherapy .....3

Clinical Placement (choose one placement sequence)

  PSYC 698A -698B MA Practicum OR .....6
  PSYC 791A -791B Doctoral Clinical Practicum I OR .....6
  PSYC 792A -792B Doctoral Clinical Practicum II OR .....6
  PSYC 793A -793B Doctoral Clinical Practicum III OR .....6
  PSYC 794A -794B Doctoral Clinical Practicum IV .....6

Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.3 in all of their course work described above to receive the credential. In addition, only three credits of course work from another university may be applied toward the credential. Additional courses may be approved by the credential coordinator as they are offered.