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Biotechnology and Chemical Science, MS


The master's program in biotechnology and chemical science prepares students for work in a variety of professional settings or for further graduate study. It is an interdisciplinary graduate program in which a student may concentrate primarily in biotechnology, medical science, or chemistry. The emphasis of the program is to develop practical laboratory skills and a strong conceptual foundation in the crossover disciplines of chemistry and biology.

The program is appropriate for students holding a baccalaureate degree in biology, chemistry, or related sciences, or for those who have taken the required undergraduate prerequisite courses.

Postbaccalaureate students preparing for medical school are also encouraged to enter this program. The majority of the graduate course work for this program is offered during evening hours and on Saturdays, affording an opportunity to those employed full-time to extend their professional training.

The program includes a one-semester research experience but not a thesis. Those who complete the program and wish to develop their research skills further may choose to continue their graduate work at the doctoral level.


Students must consult the general requirements for admission to graduate study covered on the university's web site, in the section on graduate admission policies. Graduate transfer credit toward the degree must be approved by the faculty in each concentration and is limited to six semester hours.


New students must consult with a chemistry or biotechnology graduate advisor upon being admitted. Each graduate student is required to meet with a graduate advisor at least once each semester to select appropriate courses for the following semester. A student who has completed approximately 10 semester hours in the program with a grade average of B or higher should consult with members of the chemistry, biotechnology, or medical science faculty to select a research advisor for the research project (BIOL 492 or CHEM 492). BIOL 468 (Research Methods) may be used as a substitute for BIOL 492. A student's program of study must be approved by a graduate advisor.


Applicants must hold a baccalaureate degree and must have completed satisfactorily the following undergraduate requirements and the specific requirements for the three concentrations: One year of general chemistry, one year of organic chemistry, one year of physics. Some electives that may be taken as part of the graduate program have additional prerequisites.

Prerequisites specific to the concentrations

  • Biotechnology: basic cellular and molecular biology
  • Medical science: mathematics through integral calculus, physics with calculus recommended, organismic biology, basic cellular and molecular biology
  • Chemical science: mathematics through integral calculus, physics with calculus, quantitative chemistry


To earn the MS in biotechnology and chemical science, students must complete a minimum of 36 semester hours, at least 30 of which must be completed at Roosevelt.

Students may concentrate in biotechnology, medical science, or chemical science. Biotechnology and medical science students must take at least seven semester hours in chemical science. Chemical science students must also take seven semester hours in biotechnology and a maximum of two biochemistry courses. All students must complete one of the research courses, either CHEM 492, BIOL 492 or BIOL 468.

Courses in Biotechnology

  BCHM 420 Physical Chemistry for Bioscience .....3
  BCHM 454 Experimental Methods in Biochemistry and Biotechnology .....3
  BCHM 457 Advanced Biochemistry .....3
  BIOL 453 Molecular Biology .....5
  BIOL 458 Cell Biology .....5
  BIOL 461 Information Technology for the Sciences .....3
  BIOL 463 Introduction to Genome Analysis .....3
  BIOL 467 Immunology .....5
  BIOL 480 Applications of Biotechnology .....3
  BIOL 492 Research .....3

Courses in Chemical Science

  BCHM 420 Physical Chemistry for Bioscience .....3
  BCHM 454 Biochemistry Laboratory .....2-3
  BCHM 457 Advanced Biochemistry .....3
  CHEM 413 Advanced Organic Chemistry Laboratory .....5
  CHEM 418 Synthetic Organic Chemistry .....5
  CHEM 419 Organometallic Chemistry .....3
  CHEM 421 Physical Chemistry - Thermodynamics .....3-5
  CHEM 422 Physical Chemistry – Quantum mechanics .....3-5
  CHEM 423 Physical Chemistry – Spectroscopy .....3
  CHEM 437 Instrumental Analysis .....5
  CHEM 441 Inorganic Chemistry .....3
  CHEM 444 Bioinorganic Chemistry .....3
  CHEM 447 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory .....5
  CHEM 473 Environmental Chemistry .....3
  CHEM 481 Polymer Chemistry .....3
  CHEM 492 Research .....3

Courses in Medical Science

  BCHM 420 Physical Chemistry for Bioscience .....3
  BCHM 454 Experimental Methods in Biochemistry and Biotechnology .....3
  BIOL 451 Genetics .....5
  BIOL 456 Developmental Biology .....3
  BIOL 491 Medical Internship .....3
  BIOL 492 Research .....3