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All businesses must plan for the future if they want to stay in business. Since the future is so unpredictable, if we accept what it is, without at least preparing for it, we will likely be on a course toward failure. This course explains forecasting procedures that have been proven useful for business planning and decision making. It deals with regression, the seven cardinal pitfalls of regression and suggested remedies, autocorrelation, dummy variables, Box-Jenkins procedures, and it demystifies the Greeks. You will be introduced to some required theory and modeling techniques, as well as use powerful statistical software as a business tool. You will receive considerable practice with hands-on cases at the enterprise, industry and macro-economic levels. In class presentations and written reports are expected.

Credits: 3


  • MGMT 403  (with a min grade of C-)
  • AND   BADM 401  (with a min grade of C-)

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