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Students must apply for and be selected by an intern sponsor that the program has made arrangements with in order to enroll in this course. It may also be possible for a student to secure an internship on their own and have it count for credit toward their elective course. This must be approved by the program in advance of the internship start date. This course provides the student intern with an opportunity to gain practical work experience under the supervision of an attorney in day-to-day, on-site paralegal work. In addition to on-site work, the student will meet with the program's Internship Coordinator during the semester to discuss their progress, and will participate in online discussions with other student interns through Blackboard. Finally, upon completion of the on-site work, the student intern will submit a self-evaluation report on their experiences during the internship. The student must complete a minimum of 135 hours of work at the internship site in order to pass the course.

Credits: 3


Transformational Service Learning


  • LAWA L01  (with a min grade of P)
  • AND   LAWA L02  (with a min grade of P)
  • AND   LAWA L04  (with a min grade of P)

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Dept. Consent. 

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