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Please note that course descriptions occasionally change. Courses listed in this online catalog are not necessarily offered each semester or year. Students should consult the Schedule of Classes for specific course offerings each semester.


Students are responsible for knowledge of, and adherence to, all rules, regulations, and requirements stated in the catalog and for keeping up to date with published changes. Students are also responsible for knowing the degree requirements for the programs in which they are enrolled and for enrolling in courses which fulfill those degree requirements. Students are strongly encouraged to seek information and assistance from appropriate staff should they have questions regarding requirements or regulations.

The University reserves the right to make, without advance notice, whatever changes in courses, course requirements, scholastic requirements, admission requirements, examinations and other catalog details and descriptions that may be established by Roosevelt University from time to time. The University expressly reserves the right to change, phase out, or discontinue any policy or program. Such changes take precedence over catalog statements.