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Using LinkedIn and Roosevelt Connect

LinkedIn is a social media networking tool that focuses on professional connections.  You can search for people in your field, join job groups to learn about your industry, and enhance your online presence for potential employers.  It is more extensive than a resume and you should take advantage of the opportunity to offer detailed information to a prospective contact.  Career Development and Alumni Relations sponsor a professional networking group, called Roosevelt Connect, on LinkedIn to facilitate discussions among current students, alumni and employers.

About Roosevelt Connect

Roosevelt Connect links students, alumni and employers for professional and career networking through LinkedIn.  The group is open to current students, alumni and employer partners seeking to hire Roosevelt students and alumni.  The LinkedIn search tool allows you to find people with majors, job experiences and involvement that align with your interests and goals – and then create professional connections.  If you are interested in Roosevelt Connect, request to join the group through LinkedIn.  A moderator will contact you.  If you have questions, contact Career Development at .

Creating & Updating Your Profile

  1. Visit to create an account.  Online user guides are available for help with setting up your profile.
  2. Ensure that your profile is 100% complete.  A completed profile is more likely to appear in a Google search. 
  3. Ensure there are no grammatical errors.  Typos can detract from powerful information.
  4. Display an appropriate, professional photo.
  5. The summary can include more detail than on a typical resume and should make you stand out to the reader.  You can often identify your goals and qualifications in the summary.  View profiles of professionals in your field to get an idea of what is relevant.
  6. The education section is a great place to highlight your honors, awards, study abroad programs, and activities.  Be sure to include your major as well as dates of attendance so it is clear if you are an alumnus/alumna or current student. 
  7. Add industry keywords in the “specialties” section.  Employers and recruiters will search these keywords throughout LinkedIn, so make sure that you highlight them. 
  8. Seek recommendations.  Three recommendations are necessary to complete your profile, so make sure you reach out to your contacts.  Recommendations must come from people who are already on LinkedIn.   Often when you recommend someone else, she or he will provide a recommendation for you. 
  9. Adjust your privacy settings using the tab in the upper-right-hand corner.  You can set viewing preferences of your public profile description, profile update notifications, and profile views.
  10. Choose a unique and easy-to-recognize URL, such as www.  Keep it short and simple.  
  11. Learn to display your information and examples of your work using applications.  Twitter, Blog Link, SlideShare, WordPress, Files, and other programs offer exciting ways to exhibit your talent and capabilities. 

Tips for Using LinkedIn

  1. Create your professional headline.  To do this, click "Edit Profile," then click "Edit" to the right of your name.  Go to "Professional Headline" and current students should state their major what they are interested in, such as “Communications major interested in networking and learning about marketing/public relations.”  This will help alumni/employers learn about you.   
  2. Update your status weekly (in the “post an update” section) with events that you attend, professional books you are reading, or projects you have completed.  This is an excellent way to be noticed and stay on someone’s radar because your updated information will be transmitted to contacts. 
  3. Join groups like Roosevelt Connect.  Search for additional groups in your field and express your involvement by participating in discussions on the group board.  You will be able to learn about job postings and potential openings in your field. 
  4. Search using the “advanced search” function and specify by field, job title, school, major and/or location.  Start by searching for contacts with a Roosevelt connection.  Furthermore, import contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or other resources.
  5. As you provide responses to questions on boards, you earn expertise and may eventually be featured as an expert on the “answers” drop-down menu on LinkedIn.  This could be a great way to increase your online presence.  
  6. The best way to make a connection is through an introduction.  Your contacts can introduce you to their connections as long as they are within three degrees of separation.  Each individual’s name has a connection number next to it, which shows degrees of separation from you. 
  7. Avoid sending random “add to network” invitations.  You must know the person and make sure that he or she will accept your invitation.  After multiple declines, the feature will be turned off. 
  8. You are allowed three website recommendations on your profile.  Select your blog or any other website you maintain, along with a company site, and possibly a Twitter account.  Use the actual URL link instead of “My Website” to help expand your online presence because searches will more easily link to you.

Additional Resources

Roosevelt Connect Guidelines

Honesty and professional conduct are expected at all times.  Group members must maintain profiles that contain accurate, truthful information; refrain from sending excessive emails/spamming or making excessive contacts; follow up on individual communication received through the group; and follow all directives from the managers of this group. Failure to follow the guidelines outlined in this message, posted on the Roosevelt University website or printed in university publications will result in you being removed from the Roosevelt Connect group.

Students and alumni: your LinkedIn profile is your official “face” for members of this group.  The staff in Career Development encourage you to schedule an appointment with Career Development to review your profile to ensure you are providing clear, concise information.  The Career Development website has recommendations for effective networking, making a LinkedIn profile and how you can best utilize Roosevelt Connect.  Roosevelt Connect is a venue to make connections, ask questions and learn more about jobs and careers – but you are ultimately responsible for your job and career search.

Employer partners:  Roosevelt Connect allows you to meet Roosevelt students and alumni and develop awareness about your company.  Employers are required to follow the professional conduct standards outlined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

If you need assistance with Roosevelt Connect, contact the Office of Career Development at 312-341-3560 or .