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Meal Plans

2014-2015 Academic Year

Meal Plans are offered for students living on and off campus. Student living in suites in the University Center (UC) and the Wabash Building are required to participate in a meal plan the minimum level. Wabash residents can choose a Standard or Deluxe Plan. Those living in apartments in the UC may opt for an Apartment Meal Plan.

Students living off campus may choose a Commuter Meal Plan

See also Meal Plan Policies and Add Meal Plan Funds.

Wabash Building Meal Plans

The Wabash Building Meal Plans work on a declining balance. In other words, they are only considered to be Flex Dollars. In the Dining Center each food items cost a certain amount, so for example, if a student purchases a lunch for $8.00 then they would now have $1768 remaining on their card. Students will receive $1776 each semester and can purchase more flex dollars if they run out.

Meal Plan Academic 
Standard $3,552 $1,776
Deluxe $4,000 $2,000

University Center (UC)

The suite meal plans are either 19, 15, or 10 all you care to eat meals per week plus flex money which can be used for grab and go items. The 150 apartment meal plan offers 150 all you care to eat meals plus flex dollars.

Meal Plan Summer 2014 Academic
Flex Dollars
per Semester
19 Meal Plan (Deluxe) $1,560 $4,104 $2,052 $345 
15 Meal Plan (Standard) $1,368 $3,606 $1,803 $345 
10 Meal Plan (Basic) $1,068 $2,802 $1,401 $345 
150 Meals (Apartment Meal Plan)  $848 $1,696 $1,696 $346