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SPEED History

During the 2005-06 academic years, the Student Government Association (SGA) of Roosevelt University recognized a number of trends in the student population, such as a sharp rise in registered student organizations, and a drastic increase in the aggregate amount of funds requested by the organizations.  Furthermore, statistical data indicated a rise in enrollment of traditional aged students at Roosevelt University, including undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students. In response to the changing nature of the Roosevelt University student population, the SGA proposed a Student Activity Fee (SAF) in order to enhance the quality of campus life through co-curricular events and opportunities and to better fund the efforts of student organizations.

The SAF, proposed at $25 per fall and spring semester to be charged to all degree-seeking students, was voted on by the constituency and was approved with a 58.6% majority in favor of implementing the fee. The student programming board, hereby be referred to as Students Programming for Enrichment, Enlightenment, and Development (SPEED) Activities Board, was subsequently established to exhaust all funds generated by the SAF through co-curricular events and opportunities.

The Student Activity Fee is divided between the Chicago and Schaumburg Campus based on enrollment. The Chicago amount is then spilt between SPEED and SAFAC (Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee). SPEED is given 75% and other student organizations are allotted the remaining 25% by the SAFAC (Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee) on a case by case basis.

Events and programs sponsored by SPEED are for currently enrolled students at Roosevelt University unless otherwise noted.  Students may be asked to provide a Roosevelt student ID with a current term validation sticker to conform enrollment status.