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First Year Seminar (ACP 101)

The First-Year Seminar, known in the Course Schedule as ACP 101, is the first of three new core courses for undergraduate students at Roosevelt . (The other two are “Primary Texts, ACP 110” which most students will take in their second semester at RU, and “Grounds for Change, ACP 250” a social-justice focused course for students in their sophomore and junior years.)  In ACP 101, first-year students learn how to participate in class discussions, communicate with their professors, manage time and money, and seek help with personal and learning-related issues.  In other words, students in ACP 101 learn the practices that make them part of Roosevelt’s academic community.  (That’s why the course is called Academic Communities of Practice 101.)

Each class is team-taught by a full-time faculty member and by a Peer Instructor, an upper-class student who has displayed academic integrity and a solid level of involvement across the campus.  These Peer Instructors play a central role in helping new students feel both welcome and empowered at Roosevelt.